Drawing Cities 2 - Academic Perspective
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Second in the series.

This is something I see from many artists, even experienced ones who aught to really know better!

Again, these are simple drawings meant just to get the point across. The "Avoid Corridor Streets" tip from last time still applies here -- which is more of something you'd worry about AFTER you do a basic planning of the city block you're mapping out.

As always, this is a tip to make you aware! Your own observation in real life is what will really help the most with this kind of stuff. Enjoy!

TIP #1: "Avoid Corridor Streets"
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I, like many others, struggle with perspective in a city scene ... this is the clearest instruction I've come across so far!  Thanks so much for doing this!
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Aerite|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for the tutorial! :D
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MonoSheep|Student Digital Artist
Thank you!
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ebimori|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hi Matthew, do you have any more advice on how to plot the horizon and vanishing points in a composition? like how high or how low should i plot the points that it's comfortable to look at? thanks in advance! : )
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maylin86|Hobbyist General Artist
Perspective drawing... is starting to not look so scary or deterring to me now. =) Thank you for the tutorial! :la:
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itachi1uchiha|Professional Digital Artist
Very nice tuts, like the idea, and tbh helped alot to me :)

and thx for giving me inspiration to draw now xD

btw, i'd suggest you to write, to use real life photographs for better and more quality work, either for inspiration , or even copying perspective, it can help alot for beginners and more experienced use it too..

keep up ! :)
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This tutorial is well don and actually teaches me.
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ThoughtMantique|Hobbyist General Artist
Such a lovely tutorial, really clear.
{Featured here: [link]}
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pczombie|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, this is very very helpful, and inspirational. I didn't think that I could draw in different types of perspective, but I did! And it looks pretty good. Thank you for making this.
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WhiteRoseBrian's avatar
Pardon the spamming, but as I type this I'm also trying out small exercises like the ones you posted.
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WhiteRoseBrian's avatar
Thank you.
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AiZicToXemia|Hobbyist General Artist
I love how you prove your point and make a 10 times better city illustration than I have ever made, just by shifting the horizon and focus points, and draw boxes for houses.

This inspires me to start drawing cities. Thank you :heart:
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roxx0209|Hobbyist General Artist
Well that was reallly something... the scene sure change a lot with a few adjust on the vanishing point and doesn't seems to difficult to do... Thanks for these tips!!
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WilliamBlankenshipJr's avatar
WilliamBlankenshipJr|Professional General Artist
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fuckisright|Professional General Artist
Thanks a bunch Matt, you're awesome.
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Kitsuru| Digital Artist
This is helpful! I'd like to get into backgrounds very much.
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your tuts are really the best!
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ItanHimitsu|Student General Artist
I love your tutorials *A*
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For all those beginners like me: I tried to change my 'academic perspective' some time ago, and I have to say it works, absolutely, fox-orian is damn right. This is a good example (please Fox correct me if this perspective is wrong) [link]
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DJaxs312|Student Filmographer
I thought it was linear perspective? :) Or.. two point..
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SpaceTurtleStudios|Professional General Artist
OMG, thank you. As someone who fails spectacularly at perspective (but is contemplating doing a comic FULL OF ARCHITECTURE WHY) this is super helpful. It's a simple reminder, but one of those things that is easy to overlook if it's not pointed out.
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Celestriakle|Hobbyist General Artist
I love your tutorials; they're fantastic. <3
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This relates to me so well. I think I'll go lie down for a bit.
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RistarFruit|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much for this, I have the worst time drawing cityscapes. :forgiveme:
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