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Artist File Type Export Guide

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EDIT: Oh nooooooooooooooo a DD. [Not to sound ungrateful, I mean it's a honorable gesture, and I understand how this tutorial is relevant to deviantart users,] but AUUUGH I HAVE WAAAY more important tutorials in my gallery that benefit the abilities of artists XD. How about Perspective & Composition Part 1 or 2? [link] / [link] ?
FFFFFFFffffffffffffffffffffffff -- I think I need to start adding a "DO NOT DD THIS" tag to some of my quickies like this because it's what seems to get featured lately XD Now I gotta wait another 2 or 3 months for another chance :(
Thanks for now, anyway.

IN THE MEANTIME please check out these:

ORIGINAL: The filetypes listed in this tutorial are intended for ARTISTS looking for the best method to export their work to the web, and beginners who want to know the best formats to use among the MANY that Photoshop supports. Thus, only a basic [and very necessary] 4 or 5 formats are discussed, instead of going over EVERY single type, which would possibly just confuse some readers more.

I wrote this tutorial based on my own observations of using photoshop for 10+ years, and exporting work during this entire time. I understand not everyone uses these file types, and you may want to be vocal about the format YOU like to use, but you can't deny that these types are worth talking about to a person who knows NOTHING about them. Better to be informed than not!

Supplemental image: [link]
A comprehensive layout of every JPG quality setting, and it's effects on a single image.

I see a lot of people save images as the wrong format, or with bad settings applied to them.
I'm here to help some of you who may have wondered what file formats you should be using understand which ones you SHOULD be using.
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PhanatyyHobbyist General Artist
oh crap i had no idea for .tiff files holy crap..
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Autumns-MuseHobbyist Digital Artist
I already knew most of this, having taken a graphic design course in high school, but some of it they did not teach. Very informative, and regardless of it being a "quickie", it is a DD well deserved :nod:
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TheNinToasterHobbyist General Artist
Thank you. 
You are awesome. 
Truly Awesome. 
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apiffyknee Digital Artist
Very detailed and helpful, thanks!

I've been using Photoshop for a while now, but even now there's been a little confusion over what file types to use for what. I love how this tutorial explains everything!
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VivanSolem General Artist
Thanks! This is a great explanation of the different file types! :)
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gracias !! aprendo más leyendo tus tutoriales que llendo a la escuela!!
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BishiroStudent Digital Artist
I finally found someone who can explain it to me xD
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Thank you, I feel much smarter now! :)
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godeyesHobbyist General Artist
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Wish I had found this sooner...
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Animedraw12345Hobbyist General Artist
This was helpful I didn't know what even one of them was before I read this.
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This was really helpful, thanks.
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ThirdPotatoProfessional Digital Artist
I totally know what you mean about the DD's. I got a DD on a crappy old tutorial of mine, while I had extensive flash-based tutorials that seemed far more applicable, however in your case, I can see why this got a DD before your perspective ones. While the perspective ones were well done, the information can be found in any perspective textbook or beginner's drawing book (I don't mean that in an offensive way, hopefully you understand what I mean) whereas something like THIS is so hard to come by anywhere!

This is that sorta thing you learn in school, or on the web, where people say "save JPGs for photos/colorful images, save PNGs for web." but no one ever says why or breaks it down like this. Prior to this, I was really confused as to why I would try to save my webcomic pages as a PNG only to find that a compressed JPG was better quality AND smaller filesize. I guess what it came down to was the fact that I used a lot of gradients in my webcomic, does that sound about right?

So am I to assume, that say, a cel-shaded pic like this [link] should be saved as PNG24, whereas a gradient image like this [link] should be saved as a JPG (for web, that is)? Because that was something I struggled with, when trying to get my webcomic pages to the smallest size for web, while still maintaining the quality.
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UsayFudoStudent General Artist
Thanks for the awesome tips :D
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you're a friggin genius. I'm serious. Thank you so much for making this kind of tutorials :worship:
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Khima-Inez General Artist
Thanks! Again a well deserved DD!
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Yes I actually learned a bit more! :) Interesting and good to know! thx for that.
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IloveJesus7390Student General Artist
Why couldn't I have found this earlier today? Thank you so very much. [:
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afidorkStudent General Artist
where was this 3 years ago? Its still an amazing reference sheet <3
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spookyrachHobbyist Photographer
Extremely helpful! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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I think this is helpful, it's something that is not explained to well by friends or even books that I have bought.
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LammebillHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you I have had all kind of problems with my artworks' quality this will hopefully help me!
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dadderStudent Traditional Artist
it IS a very useful tutorial, I will use it as an educational piece for clients ... thanks
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Congratulations on your Daily Deviation!! :+fav: This resource has been featured in my latest news article: February 2011 Resources DDs
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