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Aricee Alley

By fox-orian
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First ever speed painting attempt.
Made in 2 hours from a black canvas, photoshop CS4.

Here we have an alley way underneath some of the buildings in the residential districts of Aricee in Synthesis. I didn't want the alley to look particularly scary or dangerous, just sort of unkempt as opposed to the areas on the main streets. I imagined this as being an inbetween area in back of some shops and maybe a restaurant. Some balconies with some plants from some low-wealth apartments.

This was a lot of fun to make, especially after the last three big pictures I've submitted which are very technical and exact.

I'm doing more of these!
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This is fantastic. My eyes are so thoroughly pleased!
SnappedWires's avatar
... a speedpaint is 2 hours? How long do most things take you?
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On average, 20-30 hours depending on the scale of the image.

However, I don't care very much for this way of creating images / I'm not so impressed by speed anymore, so my exploration into speed-painting never went deeper than a handful of images like this one I did around 5 years ago.
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Nice palette with a retro touch! The ground is really nice!
MrNukedDuck's avatar
Man, I don't know what it is about these kind of run-down, backstreet, rural environments that attract me so, but I just can't help but loving this! Amazing work! Kudos to ya, buddy! This is really good!
MrNukedDuck's avatar
I mean of course Urban, not rural. Sorry about that.
Ruvillie's avatar
Amazing work! I wish my 'speed paintig' looked like that :I
jocundtheblues's avatar
It makes me wish I could go there <3
stealthyninja21's avatar
i like the black and yellow as the shadows
Alben002's avatar
wait let me get this right. you did this in only 2 hours dammm! o.o i still need alot of practice... great job on this pice! awsome contrast and colours!
StarWarsDudeV's avatar
Relaxed yet very well alive
thebirdislost54's avatar
Err, print no longer available?
StompinTom's avatar
Love the sunny, late afternoon feel. It's dark, but not evil, more nostalgic than anything.
Ardillas's avatar
This is great!
ArienSmith's avatar
Again! Wonderful color and composition! I love the fun feel to the picture~
Hannahlikesmusic's avatar
Wow! The colours look so bright an amazing! :D
manumane's avatar
I'm an absolute fan of your art ! Especcially of your perspective work and your choice of colors. Always so likeable to watch. You're an artist to follow, for sure ! A great pleasure each time I come here ! :clap:
VladimirJazz's avatar
I know I already left a comment, but I really freaking love your art, haha.
stuartflint's avatar
incredibly neat view.
FluffyTheGreat's avatar
The vivid and bright colors are awesome next to the dark colors :la:
Voltron1551's avatar
In one visit you have become my favorite artist thank you for the brushes and this is great I love the feeling of this piece. just great I don't know what else to say.
dado24's avatar
awesome. great perspective
Indigo-Lune's avatar
The colors are all so bright! It gives it a nice feel, I think. ^^
Madda-Archive's avatar
Wow. This is really really lovely. The colors are brilliant and the contrast between light and dark is blurred, it almost gives it a misty feeling. Even thouth I'm not into rough colors I really love the pop art sense of this ilustration :) Nicely done!
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