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Defunct Human Artist account
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Account of a human professional artist that is distancing their work from DA amid the AI takeover.




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Thank you very much for the diamond badge. :D It is SO rare to see still active senior members on dA! <3 Even if it is just activity to troll it all a bit. d:

yeah I still browse now and then myself even though I'm protesting the AI situation here. Sometimes it's just to see if things have gotten better but... usually its worse.

It's worse, but it's always good to see that I don't stand in the AI avalanche like the coyote with its tiny umbrella from the cartoons~.

I am happy to see the back of you!

You have a fantastic art style! Glad I stumbled across your profile.
Been watching your work since I started dA YEARS ago. Always a great help and inspiration.  Your stuff most closely matches the feeling I want to create in my own work so I'm studying everything you've got! My favorite is Monsoon Season :) Can't wait for Synthesis to come out! Good Luck! :D