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Coyote and a Basket

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There's a coyote laying on my laundry! Oh wait, that's just Sasha.

More info on Sasha:
Does anyone remember Sasha? 

The poor coyote pelt that was bought from AdarkerNEMISIS and then mounted by the scammer WCCT before being remounted by Kyuukon-no-Shamisen...
Well I've been trying to get my hands on this girl for about a year and a half (if not longer) because she was traded to this lady named Laura on Etsy who claimed that her husband mounted her and was trying to sell her for $600 plus shipping and pretty much refused to sell her to me because I knew the truth about her and her condition... but that's a whole other story.... Anyway... Turns out that some poor girl paid that heavy price tag and then got in a bind for paying bills several months later and listed her up on eBay. I wouldn't have noticed if it weren't for reckIess <3 So I messaged her and worked out a lower price and payment plan and now here she is. 
I had to save this girl D: I just felt bad for her and the crap she has been through and felt that she finally needed a forever home that could love and appreciate her as she is, flaws and all.

For those that don't know her story, I wish I could link you to it, but sadly Kyuu deactivated her account a couple months ago.

ALSO, I might be on the look out for a replacement tail as the one she has is no longer her own and is in pretty bad shape....
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BambiTaxidermyHobbyist Artist
Oh wow. really late of me to notice this. But you did end up with Sasha. thats cool. I am sorry someone paid that much for her, i remember finding her and Kaiden. that  whole mess with that lady on Etsy was not fun -.-
But glad she is in good hands no cx
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InNaturesImageHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Boy she's precious! What a face! :love:
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HumorousTrixxHobbyist General Artist
She is such a beautiful coyote, and she looks so comfy in that laundry basket. Lol.
I remember seeing her on etsy a while ago, and was always wondering what happened to her since then. She ended up in a good home though! She looks almost as if she's finally at peace. :)
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Yeah, that lady would NOT budge on the price at all SMH.
I even tried offering her trades for mountable pelts for her husband to mount, but she wouldn't budge.
She also kept insisting that her husband mounted it even after I gave her the facts. (Not to mention that she was the one that directly traded it with one of our dA users >.>)
She really just didn't like me and I guess she figured some sucker would eventually come along and buy it for that price and sadly they did >.<
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HumorousTrixxHobbyist General Artist
Geez. Not at all? Not accepting the mountable pelts was a red flag that her husband is no taxidermist. Lol. Usually a taxidermist would jump on an offer like that. I know I would.
I feel really bad for the person that bought her for the outrageous price, but think of it this way. If they didn't, you probably wouldn't have her right now.
It was fate I guess you could say. :D
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is that the woman on Etsy who also sold wigs ?
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Yup! That's her
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Oh wow.. n she lied about all those soft mounts she had?
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Yup! One was mounted by Leslie (the eastern coyote), another was mounted by Katie (the burgundy fox that had two different colored eyes) and then my coyote which was mounted by kyuukon-no-shamisen.
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Can't the orignal creators sue? I mean it's one thing if her husband fixed them, but if he did nothing and this bitch is selling them well over what she paid why didn't anyone make a journal about it? One thing I can't stand is when people try to make a profit on used taxidermy that has no work done to it at all.
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I think me and one other person posted about it. We also told Leslie and Katie and they messaged her directly along with a few other people and all she did was change the wording around but it still hinted as if her husband was still the one that mounted them.
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