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Sun Jun 23, 2013, 2:41 PM

If you would like to commission me please NOTE me on here. and thank you for your interest. I update this journal when i can since the semester started. If you would like to buy me a sandwich or a new copic marker you can donate to my paypal below! thank you again and have a nice day.

paypal -

Mrs. :iconhiiragi-san: gave me a month of premium...
There are very very few people in my life who care that i am an artist. Even fewer would ever give me assistance, only a few special people. I am so greatful to add another to that liss. Miss-it-girl had no reason to give me a premium membership but she did. I sit here in my room with a deep smile on my face, some one out there thought my art was good enough to sponsor me. I thank you so much Miss-it-girl. You have no idea how much this meant to me, if it doesnt mean much to you, just know that it means the world to me. Kind gestures like this happen only once in a blue moon, and my heart is warmed and it really just....made me smile inside.
Thank you so much Miss-it-girl.........

You made my night and so much more.

- Nagi
So my premium ran out and no ones is asking for commissions right now!! so im asking for help!

I'll do any drawing you want or logo work or anything other graphic or illustrative work you need done.
I just ask for donatinos towards an permium account. It would be nice to have it again! i hope you all have been enjoy the artwork.

- Nagi

donations to paypal:

Help Nagi with a new tablet!

Sat Jun 1, 2013, 12:58 AM

My intuos 3 graphics tablet broke today. I'v been using that gift from my teacher for years and it finally gave out. I have no way of keeping up with my commissions with out it. So if you can provite assistance i will be forever greatful.

Each pledge over $50 dollars will get a full bodied fully colored art piece of their choosing. Donations can be send to paypal:

I also do logo and graphic work. You can see examples here.

Any donation over $100 will get a fully done logo, including letter head and business cards.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I never ask for charity, but i did not expect my tablet to break, im dying with out it. Please help me fund my way to a new tablet. thank you all <3

Commissions are now open

Wed Feb 13, 2013, 9:57 PM

Hey everyone!! as you can see my commissions are now open!! i have some extra time now that im not working part time!

Black and white art:
Headshot - $5
Halfbody - $10
Fullbody - $20

Colored art:
Headshot - $15
Halfbody - $20
Fullbody - $30

My paypal is Please fund my passion! love you all

Vivi by Fox-n-Box
Commissions are open for the holidays!!

Thank you for checking out my Deviantart page, i really appreciate it. If you would like a character drawn up or a logo designed, then take a look at my commission prices. I try to work around every ones budget, especially for the holidays. So please take a look and message me if your interested, or note me :D

Black and white sketch (Here buyers will get a mock up of their charector): 15 USD

Black and white head shot (finalized looking line art): 20 USD

Black and white half body: 25 USD

Black and white full body: 30 USD

Color: + 15 USD

background: + 15 USD

Extra characters is + 30 USD

P.s: i do also accept gift cards to places to eat.......starving artist...

You can make payments to "" via paypal :D