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Battle armor Trace? lol

By Fox-Dev
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This would be...Trace Legacy...from the Twokinds if the freaking bar to the left of the picture didn't tell ya that! :D In anycase...I drew him like....a looong time ago and never colored him...and I kept saying Hey Tom...I should color that guy...or what happened to that fanart....oh yeah...I never colored it. lol. Well now I did. So har...and more har. And hardy har har? Anyways, you can catch all of Tom's work here ~~> assuming you haven't already :o
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This is actually how I envision him in 5 years. There is only so long you can run from your problems before they catch up with you. One day Trace will have to confront his past and the Templar... and it will be epic
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The best drawing Trace Legacy what I ever seen
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But if you want to go ahead and make a better one...Well HEY! I'm not stopping you! ;)
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I might actually do that.
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Well honestly...not even Tom can draw Trace this good, lol. This art is the best art of Trace on DA ;)
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Very nice work, so glad you did this ;)
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Really? I think I need to redo it. lol
Holly Shit run for your life he's gonna kill us all... Heheh:)
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Huh, could've sworn a Fave'd this when I saw it... like this picture. I actually ended up making a Fire Emblem Trace Sprite based on this armor... it's hidden away in one of my early "sprite compilation" pictures, though.
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I'm glad you like it...because I look at it now and go..."feh" lol. Not so much the armor as the pose...and the face...and yeah.
looks like the armor was inspired by Oblivion, the ebony armor u get from umbra, not sure if its teh same design from 'fire emblem' but meh, still great
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No idea...never played Oblivion. o.O Not to mention I think I drew it before that game came out...BUT...I can't say for sure lol
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You killed it.

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What'd I kill? >.>; Cause uh...yeah lol.
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How I could not notice it !!!!
This is imposible !!!
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I have no idea.. >.>;
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I don't also know.
It's cool but, I'd slice him up the crotch, or just go for the thighs. He's too much of a lamer to block that. Whoohah.

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LOL. Not even sure how to respond to that one XD
Well he's kinda not wearing armour in those areas, and well, Trace IS a lamer. So he wouldn't be able to block my awesome fighting tactics if he tried.
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AND once again, you used the SAME view.

D:< Bad Foxy! Bad!

Nice coloring though.
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Except the drawing's old Al. lol. The coloring is the only new thing.
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Looks like it was inspired by Fire Emblem, at least in the armor and sword designs. Not a bad thing...

His face seems kind of strange- I think it's the hair, it seems to dip a bit too low. It works if you were intending him to be evil Trace, though. Good job.
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