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Name/Username: Kat/Fowiplay
Rank: A
mcat ID as of 7-2019 by FowIplay
2016 Rion Springs Tourist by floramisa 2016 Mittens for Kittens Participant by floramisa 1 Mothcat Owned by floramisa 2017 Pride Month by floramisa 2017 Mothcat of the Month by floramisa Fundraiser - 2017 International Mothcat Day by floramisaHappy 2! Birthday Cupcake by floramisa2018 Into the Catacombs Participant by floramisa Traditional Artist by floramisa Lotto Winner - Pawsitivity by floramisa Penny Pincher by floramisa
Mothcats Owned:
(APPROVED) all naruto themes bass boosted (MC) by FowIplay  wow im trash (approved MC MYO) by FowIplay EYES EMOJI (approved mothcat MYO) by FowIplay
(APPROVED) its ya baby (MOTHCATS) by FowIplay
(rare mothcat myo (surprise parade eggs) (zoomy + lucky hammer from garden + iri from garden)
(rare mothcat myo (OWO olympics prize) (elosona + seed of elisar from garden + rare tc from bonni)
(common mothcat myo (easter discord rewards) (harold????)
(common mothcat myo (sept discord raffle) (maaaybe rhythm route cat)
Subspecies Owned:

Bank Balance:
 | 0  | 10 

(red fabric) (white fabric) (brown fabric) (cobweb) (stick of wood x2) (plastic x6) (shard of glass x3) (index cards stack x4) (blue silk x2) (pink silk) (green silk) (blue thread) (black thread) (red thread) (white thread x3) (gold thread) (black string x2) (grey string) (brown string)

(silver band) (chain links) (white peacock feather) (green peacock feather) (green feather) (red feather) (sunrise shell necklace) (hyacinth flower) (baby's breath flower) (black eyed susan flower) (crocus flower) (lily flower) (cherry blossom flower) (rose flower) (daffodil pin) (raw leather) (ginkgo leaf) (shamrock leaf) (quartz gemstone) (string light) (silver bell x3) (gold bell x2) (jade pendant type 1, x2) (topaz rock) (blue magatama bead) (button mushroom) (pile of bones x2)

(skull mask) (skull pin) (BEP4PREZ button) (starfish pin) (purple shuttershades) (fake antlers) (faded red scarf) (rogue's earring) (keypiece B) (winged sandals) (lemon scarf) (orange leash) (purple glow band bracelet) (yellow glow band bracelet) (red rose flower crown) (yellow rose flower crown) (skull n bones cat hoodie) (egg fairy wand x2) (blue reading glasses) (phial of courage's light) (cat pin) (red cat's eye bracelet) (silk green bow)

(orange pool noodle) (black pool noodle) (swan ice sculpture) (open surprise parade cupcake) (rion springs bath token) (egg egg x4) (rock egg x7) (ship in a bottle) (stone abra statue) (tissues) (pumpkin jack o lantern) (mothcat jack o lantern) (bats jack o lantern) (raven jack o lantern) (e. coli jack o lantern) (2015 jack o lantern) (carrot plant)

(red slime plush x2) (orange slime plush x2) (yellow slime plush x2) (green slime plush x2) (blue slime plush x2) (purple slime plush x2) (pink slime plush x2)

(ultraviolet scorpion) (moth) (blue budgie) (fairy wren) (ladybug larva x2) (ant x2) (mirror spider) (healer spider) (black mouse) (finger monkey) (pumpk-imp) (SNO2D2) (hooded rat x2) (siamese rat) (blue capped rat) (phobug) (smol bug with a nice face) (two leggy egg) (banana spider x2) (garter snake) (glowbug)

(aro pride beanie) (NB moth) (ace scarf) (ace flower crown x2) (NB pride scarf)

(moon goos egg) (:3c goos egg) (pangolegg goos egg x2) (bamboozle boy goos egg x2)

(silver companion slot) (gold companion slot) (gold acorina) (super magical fishy snack x2) (lucky hammer) (rainbow essence) (yellow egg dye) (black dye) (orange dye x2) (grey dye) (purple dye) (gold medal) (seed of ellisar) (essence of glitter) (rare tc) (EX tc) (essence of glow x3) (essence of iridescence) (clothing slot x8)


Mothcats and all subspecies are a closed species by floramisa
You cannot make your own! 

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