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What with all the fuss about TransTech thanks to those proto shots and other goodies surfacing I thought I’d take the opportunity to show off some more of my TT work - here’s a logo I designed for the series.
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That logo looks brilliant, but on top of that it's just made me realise something: circuit patterns have *never* been used in any Transformers media for any of the various official logos. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I can't recall any instances at all. That seems like such a bizarre, glaring omission when you think about it - the whole thing, literally every series based on them is - by definition - focused on computers and machinery. You just blew my mind!
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You may be right - I even had a glance at some of the Japanese material and didn't spot any there either.
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Love the Decepticon logo, but the Autobot one looks a little like a beetle.
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Looks so futuristic..... I LOVE THIS! Damn, I wish Hasbro didnt have to trash this Idea for Transformers Robots In Disguise! This would have ROCKED!! :headbang:

For more Information on Transtech, Visit Wikipedia.
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Well, it looks like they've taken some TransTech influence in the recent War for Cybertron designs so we're getting there slowly ;)
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And the circuit board background. XD
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It's all hand drawn in photoshop :)
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Oh man...that logo is so rockin'

I love how the faction logos have changed, as if to reflect on the new technorganic forms, but are still distinguishable. The Decepticon logo is especially cool.

And, it's shiny. You can never go wrong with shiny. :3 <3

How's you do the lettering?
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It's missing the word "Transformers" very nice otherwise :D
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I followed in the tradition of the prequels - Beast Wars and Beast Machines both had the word 'Transformers' separate from the main logo.

Glad you like it anyway :)
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THey did? Hmmm, I never noticed. Oh well, It's still a nice job on your part. :thumbsup:
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