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Steve Woodhouse
United Kingdom
Current Residence: York, UK
Favourite genre of music: I\'ll listen to most stuff really
Shell of choice: tortoise?
Skin of choice: The one that came free with this body I inhabit
Personal Quote: Nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool
I attended the Sci-Fi Weekender in Pwllheli (not the name of an alien planet, disappointingly) this weekend just gone and, as the title suggests, enjoyed participating in my first ever flashmob - a Jedi vs Sith gatecrash of the friday night party :) See the video here -… - I can be spotted at 2:34, dressed as Mara Jade-Skywalker… , if you fancy trying to spot me ;)


White Lune
Appearing in the Japanese Transformers: Legends comics, White Lune is White Leo's younger sister. Naturally I couldn't resist making a custom figure of the first new official character in years from one of my fave old toylines. :)
The Real Pirate Lion
In the western world, White Leo is named "Pirate Lion" (out of personal preference I've used the beasts' japanese names throughout my gallery) and it happens that a big fan of the character hosts an annual customizing contest on (a forum dedicated mainly to small scale toylines like Battle Beasts) themed around the leonine hero. The other year I entered with "The Real Pirate Lion" here and came third - yahaar!
To all things... ending. I felt that my Doctor and his lovely companion should honour tomorrow's big event ;) Both characters played by my good self, as ever...


The TARDIS doors flew open, admitting the Doctor, breathing hard. He slumped back against them, slamming them shut. Something heavy impacted against the other side, emitting an outraged howl.

Emily leapt up from her seat by the veiwscreen.

"Doctor! You made it!" She yelled, relief evident on her face. She ran towards him, "I was watching - I was sure it had caught you!"

"Hnn... yes, about that..." The words came out as a strangled grunt as the Doctor collapsed to his knees.

Emily's relief transformed to fear as realisation struck.

"Doctor! No!" She turned for the medical cabinet.

The Doctor followed her gaze. "Too late for that, I fear..." he said, a faint yellow nimbus forming around his hands.

Emily saw it too.

"Doctor... no..." she repeated, though lacking the conviction of her earlier outburst.

"Ah... at least I got the Jatarathi idol back to the temple... before that beast showed up. I really should have dealt with that sooner... been carrying it around for ages..."

It was clear from the Doctor's barely suppressed pain that the creature's venom was taking hold. The yellow glow was brightening and somewhere in the TARDIS the Cloister Bell had begun tolling mournfully.

"You know what's coming, Emily - stay back!"

And she did know. Just as he had mere seconds after - quite literally - crashing into her life that fateful night long ago, the Doctor was going to change again.

"You can't!" Emily cried, "I'm not ready for-"

"Ah, I would meet the person who is," the Doctor grinned through the pain, "purely for the novelty. But didn't we have fun, hey?... Try to keep it that way for the next one - for me... I know you can do that."


Whatever Emily had wanted to say was cruelly cut short by the sudden eruption of roaring yellow light that blazed out from the Doctor's body.

She covered her face and her mind flashed back to that long ago night. The explosion from the building above and the man who'd come smashing down on the pavement. Another, much closer, explosion as she'd rushed forwards to help. Coming round to find the Doctor standing over her, hand outstretched, pleased to see that she was alive and suggesting that perhaps they really ought to run, just as the armed men burst out of the nearby lobby and saw them...

The sound and light died down, allowing Emily her first look at the Doctor's new face. Her eyes widened and her mouth worked silently for a few seconds.

"But," stammered Emily, "you- you're..."

"GINGER!" yelled the strange woman, kneeling on the console room floor, triumphantly gripping a strand of her hair in front of her eyes. "Yes! Oh yes! At last! You have no idea how long I've wanted this!"

"err..." began Emily, uncertainly.

"What else have we got?" asked the woman, waving a hand in front of her face, "Seems to be the usual... stereoscopic vision... must mean two eyes again..."


"Definitely two ears..."

"Doctor, you're-"

"A nose! Bang in the middle of the face, where it belongs - ha! That could have been embarrassing!..."

"Doctor! You're a-"

"And clearly a mouth - a fine, expressive mouth, I'm sure. Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Ti, Do!" she sang, "Hm, the voice sounds a little high..."

"Possibly because you're a woman?!" exclaimed Emily, finally getting a word in.

"Oh? Ha! Well - it's hardly the first time...", the Doctor replied, glancing down at her new body, "Heh, 'Etheric Beam Locators'!", she chuckled to herself with a wry grin.

"Etheri- what? Doctor!" Emily yelped, confusion and indignation struggling for supremacy.

"Ah, you're probably right - one of those things that's only funny if you were actually there at the time... ", the Doctor responded. "Anyway!" she said, a broad smile splitting her face, "Tell me - aside from this spectacular hair - how incredible do I look?"
Cousin Justine
Something suitably spooky for the upcoming hallowe'en season. :) My take on Cousin Justine from the Faction Paradox series of Doctor Who spin-off novels.


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