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TimberClipse - Seniors Takeover - Day 2

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 16, 2014, 1:06 AM
There are so many groups to choose from on DeviantArt, there are groups with a large focus and a small focus, from every area of the world and for every type of art that you didn’t even know existed! Whether you’re looking for a group to find new art or to learn more about DeviantArt, there’s one out there for you!

This collection of groups will get you started or take you to see new and exciting deviants, types of art, and adventures!


The official group for the DeviantArt mascot, Fella. The group is open to all deviants, new and old. The group features a wide variety of features, contests, and content from across different mediums on DA. The group also periodically features contests and events for members to bring together creativity and help the community thrive.


DeviantArt’s 365 project. Rather than events every day of the year, the group has events that occur on a weekly basis with prizes from points to prints and premium memberships for deviants to win! Every week brings a new task and prizes to your week to help you get up and create!

Week 50, 2014 at #deviant365Dec.
Week 50
Last week, we asked you to tell us about your favorite holiday movies! Congratulations to WinnDixieX3 who won a three month Premium Membership! 
This week we want to focus away from the holidays and back to art. We want you to tell us about an amazing deviant who has helped you out in one way or another this year. Using the @ sign, tag the deviant so that at the end of the week we can give a three month premium membership to both of you! 
Tagged deviants are welcome to enter as well! 
:bulletblue: Tag a deviant -by commenting below and using the @ sign- who you think is amazing! 
:bulletblue: Entries must be received by Thursday, December 18, 2014
:bulletblue: A randomly selected entrant and the deviant they correctly tag will receive a 3-month Premium Membership! 
Week 48, 2014 at #deviant365Nov.
Week 48
Last week, we asked you to create something! Congratulations to Showlover who won last week's task! 
This week, it is the start of December! 
Every year, deviantART invites its members to be part of the Holiday Card Project. Deviants have the opportunity to create a holiday card that are then sent to hospitals around the world. 

This week, we invite you to send a card into the project! As defined by the project guidelines, the cards need to be mailed into deviantART, and deviants that partake will each be given a 1-month premium membership. 
This week, there's a bonus from deviant365. Two lucky deviants who have sent a card in already, or send one in this week will be awarded 500 points each! Simply take a photo of the card that you created, upload it to deviantART, and include a thumb
Week 40, 2014 at #deviant365Last week asked you to describe how you deal with change!
ArienSmith answered the question and will receive a 3 Month Premium Membership!!

Satin by ArienSmith
This week we are asking for everyone to show us or tell us about Space!
Space has many different meanings. It could talk about the infinite realm that holds all the stars and planets and all of the mysteries in between, it could mean the physical distance between to things or two objects, or even the personal relationship you have with others ("Over time space grew between us..."). You can use any medium of art you desire or just explain in the comments what the word
'space' means to you.
Is it big, mysterious, and full of wonder? Is it artistic style? Or is it something spiritual, or pain


Originally launched in 2008 by the Community Relations team, projecteducate is a group to promote and support artistic growth and knowledge throughout the community. The project includes contests, interviews, and various other events for artistic and community involvement. It is an excellent place for any deviant to learn more about the community and about different art forms!

Commissioning in deviantARTCommunity Week
In deviantART, a person joins the website in hopes of becoming known and appreciated for your talents as an artist. After some time, you'll also learn you can earn something by selling your art. By selling you art, I mean selling your labor into creating a piece for a person to observe. The other selling is making a profit off of prints.
Now... why would one want to go about selling your art (as in labor)? To earn some money, a significant whatnot that allows you to buy other people's art. If you're going the PayPal route, this could mean some cold, hard cash!
How to Commission
Hate to say, selling your art require three key pieces: audience, skill and price. The difference between a successful seller and one that sells because they are desperate lies in those three points.
Of course, this is my take. Note that I'm not teaching you how to sell commissions. I'm showing you what things to consider when sell
How to Improve your Art and CommissionsWith every stroke we make with a brush, pencil, or any other medium we use, we are improving. Sometimes, it might feel like you are not improving at all and sometimes your art looks EPIC all of a sudden. I really hope this little guide can help you with your improvement and also give you some good tips in regards to creating commissioned pieces.
Observe Your Idols
We all have that one person, or those 50 people on DA who make us feel like our art is mediocre. You have to remember that those artists were once in your position, admiring other incredible artists. Have a couple artists you really really like and try to learn from them. Now I don't mean copy their styles and trace their work, but try some of their techniques or use their art as inspiration. (In my opinion, copying and tracing is how we start drawing but we don't share this with the public. Copy and trace only when you practice!) If you are fairly new to DA, you can browse the popular page, or c
Photography... To Edit or Not to Edit?Community Week
This is an important subject for the future of the photography community at deviantART and one that I hope will spark discussion, and the interest, of photographers and admirers. This article is intended for all skill levels but may be of particular interest to new photogs or even non-photographers.

I cannot tell you how many times I have offered editing advice on a photograph that suggests tweaking the brightness, increasing the contrast, adding blur, and so on. Often times this advice is accepted or argued back with a defense of why the photographer does not agree with my opinion. However, too often I get responses such as:
"Thank you for the tips but I do not edit my photographs."
"I like my photographs to appear exactly as they come out of the camera."
Now, as a photographer on deviantART for ten years--and if you've taken a look at my gallery then you KNOW I edit--this viewpoint


Created in an effort to reach more deviants on a long term basis, in order to continue bringing exposure to talented yet under appreciated artists across deviantART. With nearly 400 volumes created already, there are hundreds of artists are here to catch your eye and able to get the exposure of many others as well!


Home to the community volunteers of the Digital Art community. With art, news, contests and more what isn’t to love about this group. It’s a great place to challenge yourself and grow within the digital art community while meeting some other fantastic artists and deviants at the same time!


A group aimed at giving the traditional art community their own unique voice by giving the traditionalists a place to gather, organize, and inform others with the help and guidance of the traditional Community Volunteer team.

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PixlPhantasy Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Great groups!  I also tend to tell people about hq.  Great way to keep up to date with things happening on dA :D
VAngelLJ Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Excellent groups, indeed.
plexusdynasty Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2014  Student General Artist
thank you for featuring me :iconcryforeverplz:
Yukuii Featured By Owner Edited Dec 16, 2014   Digital Artist
Nod yes great groups and artworks :)
Arichy Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
TheMaidenInBlack Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2014
Great groups and artwork featured. :D
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