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Unexpected meeting by FourteenFifteen Unexpected meeting by FourteenFifteen
    Finally finished my Hollow Knight tribute peace. Probably the longest picture I ever did. And surprisingly, I'm not disappointed in my skills this time! La la la la
 Aaaaand what could be a better way to celebrate it than to make a mini-review! Cause i'm the boss here and i can.

    So, for those who don't know, Hollow Knight is open-world platforming game, developed by Team Cherry, that is focused on exploration, with progression focused on obtaining new abilities, like dash or double jump. And it tells a story of little bug knight with amnesia and without any ability to speak traveling through dying kingdom of Hallownest.
TL;DR: Metroid + Dark Souls

The game is goddamn GORGEOUS. The art is top-notch. It's so full of details i had to drew every single leaf to make mine somewhat similar. The music is amazing too. But despite all the details in the environment, actual characters are drawn in very simplistic ways, showing, that designer totally understands the importance of silhouette. I like the presentation way more than, let's say, Child of Light or Ori and the Blind Forest.

     And now I want to point out a few interesting gameplay points that affected my relations with the game.
 Cool map, but goddamn Cornifex! You see, you can save only by resting at the benches though out the world. And when you rest, your character manually fills blank spaces on your map. So you have to rely on yourself when exploring new places, cause they weren't mapped already. I enjoy the system.
However, what I don't enjoy is the fact that every area needs a separate map. Which you can buy from Cornifex, who sits SOMEWHERE in every new location. And you have no idea where. The only redeeming quality of Cornifex is that after you beat the boss of that new location he sells that map in his store up in the hub-town.
Also, take some notes. Literal physical notes. You don't want o get lost. Also, don't bother with making notes of grubs in jars and weird tree things. And gravestones. The game will add them to your map later.

 Did the time just stopped? Yes, it did. Because of some odd programming quirk game likes to freeze for a moment, usually near enemies. The thing is, at that freeze frame game usually drops all your inputs. I've taken damage countless times because of this. So, I warn you. Don't fight anything that is out of your league! The bosses are hard, yeah, but not Nintendo-hard(usually). You can always came back with new powers, and without frustration.

 After a certain point, you will be ale to enter, let's say, different plan of realm. Well, don't do it. Also don't do Third trial of Fools. Untill you collect literally everything in a game, don't even think about it. It's hard, it's unfairly hard, and balanced around top level of your weapon, all possible abilities and full charm collection. Save yourself some nerves.

 Your character have a mana-pool. Though mana is called soul. Every time you do melee attack and it does damage, you get some soul. And you can either use magic, or concentrate for a while and heal yourself. Do i even need to explain how this system encourages exploration waaaaay more, than literally any Castlevania game since Symphony of the Night ever?

 You ever noticed that in most games your attacks aren't exactly...physically appropriate? Like, you hit the enemy, your weapon goes right through, they take damage and here is a big flash, but both your positions remain the same? Well, every time you hit the enemy or wall in hollow knight you get moved in opposite direction by recoil slightly. I just think that this is a fun little quirk, full of identity. Also, you can use this recoil to pogo-jump on spikes and enemies like Shovel Knight which is just pure fun.

 So, how could you make an area, unreachable without certain ability? Well, let's make the area slightly higher, that you jump, and that ability would be double-jump, simple and clean!
 No. Don't do that. This is lazy and boring. Only doors with keys are lazier. And Team Cherry understands that, so double jump will be the last traversal ability you will get in the game. And it makes backtracking way easier, hoooray!
If you are the thief and want to pirate this game, you should probably look at the version. Because original release version on GOG didn't let you obtain the last weapon upgrade and charm notch. Guess who bought it and had 20 hours of gameplay only to find out about this? Also, this bug is savefile specific, so cause i got past spawn point's before the patch was up my save file was screwed. :| (Blank Stare)

And Hornet is pretty hot and now is one of my waifus. Well, that's all.
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Johnauditore Featured By Owner May 3, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
I love this game... SO.. Much!! It is the best game I've ever played in my entire life!! I'm really looking forward of the Gods And Glory Expansion and the Hornet DLC. I'm so happy that this game exists, is such a fantastic masterpiece! :heart: :love:  And the Graphics, Oh my god, is insanely detailed! Like I really love simple things, like the characters move their heads depend where you are.
Krueder Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2017
I love this :) !
FourteenFifteen Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
And i love commentators :) (Smile) !
Krueder Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2017
Haha :)Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Huggy Hug) [V2] 
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