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So this was the last of the three stories I found from awhile back.  I redid a bunch of this one, changed a bunch of text to gag speak because, well, gag.  Also made changes for continuity.  When I wrote these previously they were stand alone and had nothing to do with each other in terms of a continuing narrative.  Honestly, the only intent was to have some kinky times.  I made an attempt to change that. 
I released these three stories pretty quick, but since I don't know where I backed up the other two if at all, they won't come as quick.  Not sure if anyone is reading this or cares, but I plan on recreating both of them when I have the time.  I remember the gist of them.  A week or two I'm guessing? 
One of them took place after X-2 so I'll probably do that last.  After that I'll probably do a few more ninja stories if anyone is interested.  Thanks for reading!    
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Yay Yuna gets in on the action in this one! The dressphere "mishap" was great.  The maid jokes were pretty funny.