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So this was the last of the three stories I found from awhile back.  I redid a bunch of this one, changed a bunch of text to gag speak because, well, gag.  Also made changes for continuity.  When I wrote these previously they were stand alone and had nothing to do with each other in terms of a continuing narrative.  Honestly, the only intent was to have some kinky times.  I made an attempt to change that. 
I released these three stories pretty quick, but since I don't know where I backed up the other two if at all, they won't come as quick.  Not sure if anyone is reading this or cares, but I plan on recreating both of them when I have the time.  I remember the gist of them.  A week or two I'm guessing? 
One of them took place after X-2 so I'll probably do that last.  After that I'll probably do a few more ninja stories if anyone is interested.  Thanks for reading!    
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Yay Yuna gets in on the action in this one! The dressphere "mishap" was great.  The maid jokes were pretty funny.
gh0st-of-Ronin's avatar
I love how Yuna messes around with her dresspheres in your stories--which of course is the reason how she got into the mess she DiD. :D One of the things about this that I love is how fun it is. No real casualty, just a good old spin on in-game personalities and adding some spice. Paine being the scolder is perfect--some of my lost stories definitely has that in it. And I LOVE how you put an imaginary Rikku in it; having another Rikku DiD along side Yuna but not really there. Also love the conversations and how spot on. xD 

And I think Rikku has a point with the Dressphere Yuna is forced to wear: Tidus would love to see her all hogried and helpless. xD and Hey! Gag talk! 

Nicely done! Keep it up! 
FourPieces's avatar
Thanks! The dressphere transitions were tricky. I wanted to describe them but not too much as to make it boring.

The original version lacked Rikku, and I felt that was sinful. I think it worked out having her the mental encouragement. Thanks for the approval.

The gag was new too. I converted all Yuna's dialog as I went and it turned out pretty fun to do.

Spoilers! The Tidus reference was a foreshadow. I'm going to rewrite that story from memory at some point.
Lathiira's avatar
Good story! Fun, no one got hurt, silly...great for the X-2 girls.
FourPieces's avatar
You're forgetting the poor cardboard monsters slaughtered in the making of this story.
aidenke's avatar
Another good bit of fun here, and nice to see Yuna get in on the action. Surely with Paine around, both cousins would start getting used to a bit of kinky activity happening. :)

Here's hoping you can either find or have some fun recreating the other stories, or keep enjoying yourself making up new ones if inspiration strikes!
FourPieces's avatar
Definitely going to make good effort to post more. Hopefully at least every other week?
aidenke's avatar
Then there's something to look forward to ahead! Keep up the good work, and thanks for sharing it here!
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