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I wrote this back in 2005 while playing FFX-2.  Originally I had submitted it to a Geocities site, something I think was called Yuri's Video Game DiD or something like that?  I didn't know what Yuri meant until later, assuming it was a Russian guy's site.  The real meaning of yuri is so much more fun, y'know?  Anyways, there was a ton of Megaman, Zelda, Metroid, various fighting game, etc DiD out there but I'd never found anything starring Rikku.  Anyways, one day after some wine (don't judge me!) and a movie involving Chucky the living doll I got to thinking, "why didn't they make Chucky a fan of bondage instead of stabbing?  Missed opportunity!"  For some reason that resulted in me typing this out.

I found this on a CD I burned to back up content on an old PC mixed in with some stuff from Loraxxx (he's been around forever!)  I was a bit surprised to find it so easily.  I didn't proofread any more than I needed to past verifying which story it was.  If I do, I'll start changing things.  Fixing spelling and grammar.  Updating it.  I don't want to do that.  Rikku would frown at me and shake her lovely head, [redacted].
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A very goofy story, though I do wonder what exactly happened. Well, either way, great story! Was quite the enjoyable read. :)