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I didn't plan on writing this, but after my monkey story and Wakka popping up twice I just ended up writing it.  As I typed it up things just kept happening and the story took on a life of it's own.  Things happened I hadn't planned on.  Rikku talked a lot more than I'd planned.  Anyways, here's this.  
All characters are property of Square Enix and all that jazz.  They even own the Al Bhed language, which I've caught myself using in real life lately.  
© 2018 - 2021 FourPieces
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weshellbegods's avatar
Fun use of status effects. Great story
FourPieces's avatar
Thanks. I try to work in game mechanics when it works with a story.
MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
Lol funny and exllcent fic here
FourPieces's avatar
Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it.
gh0st-of-Ronin's avatar
Lu, don't you know that you shouldn't trust a thief who learned how to use spells with just a snap of a finger? And master black mage you might be, but Rikku is known for her cunning wits and it helped at times. AND....Lulu was always asking for bondage, I swear. Though I have ALWAYS been a Rikku fan, as you all ready know! Heh. Gag stocking. Love it. 

"You and me?  It's like we're characters in a caqo gehgo play.  Our storyteller?  Insanely erotic!  But there's nothing we can do about it, and why would I?  I love this world and I'm excited to be a part of it."

I'll have to concur with Lulu on that one. =) Nicely done, friend. Keep at it!
FourPieces's avatar
I know, I played a little fast and loose with the lore with Rikku casting magic like that, but technically slow was white magic in X so Lulu might not know it at all. She also let Rikku go first, so there's that.

Did that quote sound familiar in anyway?
gh0st-of-Ronin's avatar
I do not recognize said quote. Where is it from? 

I forgot that the slow spell was from a white mage. I litterally ONLY used White Mages to buff. Forgot they have debuff skills. Though Rikku doesn't look entirely too bad with her White Mage Dressphere. 
DarkFaerie17's avatar
Entertaining as usual ^ ^
Nice to have Rikku be the one doing the bondage for a change hehe
FourPieces's avatar
Rikku doesn't get tied up all the time. She wasn't in a lick of distress in my ninja story.
mysticx1's avatar
Well, Rikku is a chatty piece of work, so it’s all in character for her.  :meow:

Let’s hope that nobody walks in on Lulu and Wakka, that would be a tough thing to explain...  On second thought, hope somebody does!   :D
FourPieces's avatar
She did get chatty, didn't she? Seemed like after Lulu wasn't talking Rikku filled that silence with everything she could think of. Even yelled at get own hat a few times.

Wouldn't be that hard for someone to walk in on Lulu and Wakka. The whole village lives in tents. Seems people would be walking by all day long, and with the respect and influence those two have I'd imagine they'd have visitors come by often.
mysticx1's avatar
It would be a bit of a “There goes the neighbourhood”-moment if somebody finds them, first Rikku’s ropey shenanigans, then two such pillars of the community as Lulu and Wakka...   What will the neighbours think?   :meow:
FourPieces's avatar
I'd like to think the neighbors are used to it by now, or they blame Yuna. She's the one direct link they can point their fingers at since everyone else were her Guardians back in FF X. I'm actually assuming Yuna is the mature one here and she's baby sitting Wakka and Lulu's baby.
GoldenPyramid's avatar
This's Great!
Hah, hah! Square Enix needs you.
FourPieces's avatar
I think I'd end up getting cussed out by a few angry character designers. Those people can be extremely protective of their creations.

"You want Paine to do WHAT?!? How DARE you! I demand trial by combat!"

We all know how trial by combat goes. ⚔️
Lathiira's avatar
Great piece of work. Can't wait for the epilogue!
FourPieces's avatar
Epilogue apparently couldn't wait either. Kinda short and the story is obvious, but it's there. 👍
aidenke's avatar
Heh, quite the twist, Rikku getting the one up on someone for a change of pace. Should be fun to see where this goes from here, should her little thought there at the end come to fruition. :P

And surely Lulu will want to show Rikku how leather bonds REALLY work one day. :P
FourPieces's avatar
To be honest I haven't been fair to her. She's very capable, seems like she'd be getting one over on people way more often than my fics would suggest.
aidenke's avatar
It's nice to see her get an upper hand once in a while. I feel like, with Paine, there'd be an even back and forth in terms of who is in charge for any given "fun time" interaction to boot. Hopefully a lot more fun can be had between the gals when opportunities present. :)
FourPieces's avatar
I'm pretty sure I heard Rikku predict some upcoming manhandling (womanhandling? Painehandling? Painedling?) as she stomped off today. Though a lot can happen between now and then.
brashieel's avatar
This was funny and crazy cute. Great use of a status effect!
FourPieces's avatar
Thank you! Fun fact, in FF X when Lulu uses an item, like to cure a status effect, she pulls it out of her cleavage. 😉
banX8's avatar
Yay Lulu tickling ! A very rare stuff  :)
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