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My Commission: DiDressphere Pirate Rikku

This was a commission completed by AkinaSilver who is the artist.  Please go here and if you like the picture.  Akina does good work so show some love! 

This is the seventh submission for the #didressphere DLC.  The DiDressphere concept belongs to gh0st-of-Ronin, and this takes it another direction.  For you out there that wanted to see Rikku in a pirate costume (you know who you are) here's Rikku in a pirate costume.  Yar!    
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Two things. 1 is there a gag for her. 2 I would love to be in her place.
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Well, there's the story the pic is cover art for. Spoiler, there's a gag at some point.
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Arrrr!  Lovely pirate lass!

”Booty”-joke already used, “Walking the plank”-joke used...  Ok, i got nothing more...  :no:
FourPieces's avatar
How about...
"Arrr!!! That pirate has a fine chest ready for the looting!" or "My 'ayes' are up here!"
mysticx1's avatar
Those Arrrr! some horrible puns! was that one, actually...  Sweating a little... 
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Well it looks like she's enjoying herself!
GoldenPyramid's avatar
She was captured by Jack Sparrow. 
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Time to walk the plank!
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