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CYMBERLIGHT, chapter 3 - Page 31

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They arrived…the tears, I mean. My god, this part was (and is) so hurtful… continue
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JackOrJohnStudent Filmographer

Jack is so Wack for making Cynthia cry. Somebody smack him!

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Every time I check up on these comics after a while, there’s always seem to be no progress on these two. A step backwards at times, especially here and Dinnertime.

It’s just... what’s the endgame here? The few times they genuinely interact with each other gives very little spark of romance. Even they’re bickering isn’t any better than a usual buddy film.

The premise was great, of two bitter loners, finding solace with one another. But as more and more pages keep this same old song and dance (bickering, quipping, fussing), the less I care if they become a couple...

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fouroclocksartHobbyist General Artist

this comic is set as a long and since these are the first chapters (of the first volume) they are purely introductory. Their main function is to illustrate the general situation of the characters and the environment that revolves around them. Cymberlight cannot have the pace of the self-contained comics you mentioned, just because the setting is clearly different. That said, if in a year you want to come here and see if something has change, you can always do it. Unfortunately, at the moment we cannot rush more with the plot or with the publications.

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I get this is the first volume of a new story and Jack’s been in a situation that changes him entirely. And I never wanted you two to rush through your process.

It just tiring to see this, once again. Jack being aggressively oblivious. Cynthia crying and bemoaning about missed chances. Every character saying, “you two should go out already :D”. In terms of meta, their relationship has been like this for 3 years. At some point, you roll your eyes on the spite talks and just want them try to be considerate with each other.

But I’ll come back another time. Right now, it’s the same as I felt after Dinnertime. I see barely any reason to root for these two to get together.

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fouroclocksartHobbyist General Artist

indeed you have the right to have your own opinion and just as rightly you have your tastes. Before being a designer, I'm also a consumer and I happen to abandon things that don't give me what I'm looking for, I certainly don't argue on this point.

If you are interested in a certain aspect of Cymberlight (romance), I must be sincere and tell you that for now the situation, as you have understood too, doesn't favor it and it will take some time for the right foundations to be created, otherwise I would find it hardly credible that two individuals with such a difficult relationship could love each other overnight, as if nothing had happened between them in the last years.

These characters need to grow, overcome their individual difficulties and understand each other before thinking about any other development of their relationship.

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Poor Cynthia. Jack really screwed up this time. He has hurt her before, mostly indirectly because of his inability to express his feelings and tendency to push those close to him away. However, this time, he lashed out unfairly at her because of his frustration regarding his current predicament. I feel bad for Cynthia because she wanted to take care of Jack and got hurt because of her good intentions. I hope Jack makes it up to her in the future.

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Poor Cynthia I really feel bad for you and after what jack said to you.... dam that’s deep😔
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Poor Cynthia
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Is she in love with Jack? Boy, she was pissed when she said GO TO HELL JACK!
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D-Rock92Hobbyist General Artist

There might be some progress if at least one of the involved parties was completely honest with the other.

Though that kind of opening up can be difficult, not even considering that they've already had a falling out that they're still feeling the effects of.

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XPlaysXStudent Digital Artist

Cynthia has quite a big laptop hehe. A bigger animal gave it to her?

Very nice and emotional page by the way. I bet the hare barely learned anything from this.

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And out it comes...

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Jack is a jerk, allright, but you're a DUMB, my dear vixen!

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We always hurt the ones we love, and because you are both idiots!! But it still Hurts to see it....😯

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That even hurt me.

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Taren14Hobbyist Writer

Because you're an idiot, Cynthia. You both are.

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Love hurts.
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