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CYMBERLIGHT, chapter 3 - Page 26

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I think you “talk” enough for now, Jack. So… continue
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And Jack realizes that he screwed up as Cynthia is starting to leave, voicing her disappointment of him. Can’t blame her after that outburst. I understand Jack is frustrated, but taking it out on Cynthia was too far considering their history. I hope the two of them reconcile in the next pages.

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I think it's too late for that at this point. Although I could be wrong thinkibg she will go through a conversation with the boss who also happens to be her father.
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Okay why is Cynthia mad? Tbh Jack is right in a way I mean a 4 year hatred and for something he didn't do was just pathetic on her part but I digress Jack Shut Up grow a pair and apologize

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This is your opportunity...
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Ok you stubborn jack-rabbit!!!

It's know or never if you don't stop her from leaving you WILL loose her!!! Strap on a pair and take the plunge....

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Wait, is Jack... actually thinking about making a move? What sorcery is this?! :o

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AcidarmsHobbyist General Artist

better make a move bunny boy, she walks she gone.

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JadeHoppsHobbyist Traditional Artist

I like the Beastars manga, don't you? Hate having to read right-to-left though.:D

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fouroclocksartHobbyist General Artist

I know it by fame but I haven't read it yet, because I want to avoid being conditioned. for oriental reading, don't worry, it's a matter of habit then it will come naturally😆

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Why is Cynthia Mad? And what Reservations? Jack was just saying what he thought was true and with all the shit that's happening to him can she blame him for snapping at her?

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D-Rock92Hobbyist General Artist

Sometimes you have to look over your own sorrows to see the pain of another.

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