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My Bio

I've been on dA for about 19 years. From 2005 to 2011 I was lucky enough to find some awesome models and we did some nude photo shoots. The photos have been in my dA gallery for over 12 years (last shoot being in 2011). Two days ago, someone at dA suddenly thought some of my work was infringing on their ToS and suspended my account. They gave me seven days to remove the infringing photo(s), but they won't tell me which photo(s). I can't I remove it if I don't know what it is or show them the model's proof of age. Seems strange that my photos have been fine for all these years. I've submitted model releases when they requested. All models are 18+. My photos are simple nudes, nothing sexual. I have a feeling that they are discriminating against one of my models who has small breasts and looks young. If they don't give me specifics, I'll move everything to storage. It sucks to have to hide 19 years of photos, comments, favs, etc.

Current Residence: Lexington, South Carolina

If you are interested in a photo shoot, note me or email me at

Tools of the Trade
Canon Digital Rebel XTi
Other Interests
computers, photography, rock climbing

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Thanks to the anonymous deviant for the Core membership!

I really wish more nude photography here was more like yours.

There are a lot of underage AI images on DA, but a good look through your collection here shows me they are all quite well shot, clearly not of under aged subjects, clearly not sexualised, and very clearly (for the older images) made with a camera. Your new AI images are quite nicely done as well.

Thanks. Also, the submission dates of most of my photos are well before the recent popularity of AI generated images. I've had more fun making "abstract" type images with AI than with making them look photo realistic.

None of your work infringed on DA's ToS in any way. I suspect some of the self-appointed DA morality police (trolls who report images for the heck of it) caught up with your account and reported a bunch of images. I think they have several people do this in a short period of time. DA doesn't have the resources to truly investigate, and the people you would contact at DA are ESL with little understanding of cultural mores here in the US. DA doesn't really care, they just want the problem to not be a problem. This is a big part of the reason why I took my images down. Wishing you the best.

I had the same thought. Here is the last reply I got from dA after asking them several times to be specific about which deviations were in question:



Thanks for getting back to us!

If your content does not violate the Terms of Service, and you believe that you were suspended in error, no further action is required on your part.


They stopped replying after this message.