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Baragon vs Female Titan

By Fourgreen
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This was a request to pit the titular monster Baragon from Frankenstein Conquers the World against the Female Titan from anime Shingeki no Kyojin. I wasn't familiar with the anime series, so i had to use a lot of reference online. Hopefully, I did good...

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I vote Baragon (like pretty much everybody else, it seems). Great work, by the way!
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NTSEFANHobbyist General Artist
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Baragon might win this if that Magma Heat Ray or those claws makes contact on Female Titan's neck.
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TeamDinosauria21Student Digital Artist
Get roasted on a spit XD
Alphas900's avatar
Baragon just destroys the Female Titan. He stood up against Godzilla. Hell, he even destroys the Colossal Titan
predatorvader's avatar
I wish I could see Godzilla throttling her as he's about charge his spiral ray. His eyes blood red with anger. That would be cool too.
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kagefan-121Hobbyist Digital Artist
my money's on baragon
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The kaiju would massacre the titans. It would be awesome if you could do Heisei Godzilla vs. Titan Eren.
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AtomicNukeStar1Hobbyist Traditional Artist
ha she can't handle a kaiju can she nice job
HYPERGODZILLAHobbyist Filmographer a nice job!!!....congratulations to Fourgreen......Baragon would destroy her easily Clap Clap 
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drawinggirl13Hobbyist Artist
OMG I love this so mush La la la la 
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FourgreenProfessional General Artist
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Wouldn't his heat ray cauterize any wounds and keep her from regenerating? Cause Titans have that weird healing factor, right?
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Classic Baragon looks great. Female Titan seems to have some trouble. Looks like she might need a hand.
Also the anime is great and my nephew likes it next to Dragonball Z. Awesome job bro. +fav 
KingKaijuGojira's avatar
I knew the Female Titan was hot, but this is ridiculous.:D (Big Grin) 
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HardCoreCrocomireStudent General Artist
Kick her ass baragon! then slap it! 
zillafire101's avatar
And Frankenstein is hiding out somewhere, watching and thinking "Dat Ass".
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slowusaurusStudent General Artist
Baragon's gonna get some piece of that ass.
Fourgreen's avatar
FourgreenProfessional General Artist
and arms...and
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Baragon: "YOU DARE TO CHALLENGE ME!!!". Female Titan: "I'm dead".
Fourgreen's avatar
FourgreenProfessional General Artist
Pretty much! LOL
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M60-CarnifexHobbyist Digital Artist
I love the look on Baragon's face. It just screams: Bitch! You Dare Raise your Hand to ME!?!?!?
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FourgreenProfessional General Artist
LOL! right? he's like "Respect my Authoritah!"
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I seriously think the Toho monsters I too strong for any of the Titans. Nice picture though.
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