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February 17, 2012
Texas Coast 8 by ~foureyestock
Featured by Dan-Heffer
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Texas Coast 8

foureyes stock photography

Be creative and use these images as you please,....please be sure to let me know,...I would Love to see your work !

....Creativity comes from an X-treme state of excitement ! :bounce:
Image details
Image size
1000x1000px 804.51 KB
Canon EOS 20D
Shutter Speed
1/100 second
Focal Length
10 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Jan 8, 2006, 7:38:34 PM
© 2006 - 2022 foureyestock
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Gorgeous!!! :love: And a very belated, congrats, on a well earned DD!!! :clap:

ohmacat's avatar
Hello! I used your stock here, thanks :happybounce: 
killsunlight's avatar

Hi! I used your stock here - sleeping

Viridian-Skies's avatar
I'm so happy I finally found out what stock I used for this manip! Used here. Thank you for the beautiful resources! :hug: [link]
Thailand118's avatar
Looking so good!!! Thanks :strong:
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Nephire's avatar
Featured here : [link]
Amazing piece . :) :hug:
Nephire's avatar
Featured here : [link] :hug:
Fuhrer-Glasses's avatar
How does an image, that closely resembles what I see every day to work, get a DD? It's not really that different from the other stock images of clouds, beaches, and body of water.
chun-kuk-do's avatar
Um.....okay. A picture of some clouds...

I thought DD's should be mind-blowing. There's no Godzilla in this picture?
WereGhostPeople's avatar
How does shit like this get a DD?
gendeerfluid's avatar
How does shit like you exist?

Either appreciate art or GTFO, your negativity is not needed.

You are a sad human being and I hope you learn how to admire the world.
Kitsune-Okayasu's avatar
Wow this immaturity is not needed here. Anyone is free to like or dislike something, what you are doing is sad and a great example of your intolerance. Grow up.
gendeerfluid's avatar
Me being the immature one? This person went as far as calling me fat multiple times because of this comment, just because the didn't like my response. He cannot see any beauty in the world and finds enjoyment from insulting and hurting others. Do I seem immature now? Don't make small judgement over a comment.
Kitsune-Okayasu's avatar
You're immature because you are flipping out and getting hostile over something a stranger says on the internet. I have gathered you have a childish mentality over the conversation, not just one comment. So yes, you still seem immature.
gendeerfluid's avatar
None the less, his actions are far more immature.
Kitsune-Okayasu's avatar
"He's worse than me so I have no reason to be ashamed!" - Awesome logic, that will get you real far in life.
gendeerfluid's avatar
I don't need to be ashamed for loving life and the beauty in the world. And I'm not ashamed of my comment to him either. Others who cannot find hope and happiness out of small things will live a hard and joyless life. It saddens me that a simple 14 year old can find more beauty in the world than half the population.
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AraDiaTerror's avatar
Wow grow the fuck up.

Anybody has a right to dislike something
gendeerfluid's avatar
Yes, but to put it out in the open purposely is rude and unneeded. You don't go around and judge people on the street out loud so they can hear every word you say, do you?
Kitsune-Okayasu's avatar
That is the real world. You are going to get harsh critics that aren't afraid to voice there opinion, especially in the art field. Anyone who can't take such views are never going to do well in the industry. Jumping all over someone who voices their opinions without sugarcoating it the way you would like is just childish.
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