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. words can describe the light that turns the sky into an extraordinary reality !
perhaps beauty is reality's reminder of inmortality :heart:

Photographed at the Bolivar Peninsula Texas Gulf Coast, a place of Amazing beauty
I came back last night after spending four days by the ocean !....with my first digital camera, a 4 mega-pixel Casio-point and shoot :)

Starfish book cover by foureyes.....5 years later
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I remember seeing this all the way back in 2004 and probably one of the 1st photos I faved in my old deviant art account when I 1st activate in in January 1st 2005. Such an iconic image filled with nostalgia of the early 2000s.

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many thanks for such a nice comment Ahmad :hug:u are very kind :handshake:

Your Artwork is outstanding, very creative concepts !!!

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wow.. this photo brings back a rush of nostalgia for the old days of deviantart, the early 2000-2005s.. such a great time on this platform, don't you think? You have no idea how much your photography inspired my own.. the amazing sunsets, clouds, colors, lighting.. I have always really looked up to your art, your incredible eye for capture beautiful snapshots of our amazing world, full of wonder and life.. I'm so glad you're still active here and sharing your photography with a whole new generation of deviant artists. My visit back on this platform tonight might be short but I'm truly happy that I dropped by and got reminded of the insane level of talent this place has.

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Isac so nice to hear from you :love: thank you very much for such kind words, I can say the same about your photography, your work inspired me as well and many other for sure, your journey is amazing, you are gifted with a unique creativity your images are outstanding....."To send light into the darkness of men's hearts - such is the duty of the artist" :heart: :hug:

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Perfect. Looks like upper tier stock photos, it’s so well done. Kudos, D!

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:D many thanks !!!

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Gorgeous, Magical, Without Words! :heart:

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many thankies for such kind words Selina In love

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It's true and it was a real pleasure, Bernie.:heart:

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Hey man, I just gotta say....I've been a member here on DeviantArt since....(I had to go back to check...but it appears I've been a member for 14 yrs)... so 2004-05 and this photo has forever been my inspiration to push forward with my one form or another. I've read your posts over the years that it's more about the "eye" and perspective than the tools/equipment, and I've truly abided by that mantra ever since. You either have it. Or you don't. And a lot of perseverance, tenacity, and WORK, in between--and ya better bust your booty in the between. It just doesn't happen over night. I just gotta say...thank you for THIS photo...and the words I read from this post and others you've's not the thousands of dollars you invest in equipment/software/filters (etc)...but the amount of time you invest in yourself. Therein lies the wisdom. The ancients knew what the hell they were talking about. And today, there's no cheat without knowing the basics on how to "cheat" without knowing the fundamental foundations--photography/videography. Thanks for this photo. It taught me so much when I was but a kid..and yeah, in my early 30's, I was still...definitely a kid navigating this universe.

Thanks for your inspiration, which propelled me to continue to persevere to hone my craft in the many avenues I've evolved over these years. This post is homage to a shot that inspired me for these past 15 years--its not the equipment, but the opportunity to use your "eye"/perspective and what you've learned.

Best regards,


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thank you very much for the insightful comment Travis, it makes me very happy :hug:

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This is one of your photographs that has been embedded in my mind for a VERY long time... it is fun to revisit your gallery to renew my memories of your amazing images!!! What an impact your photography has had on so many of us here on DeviantArt... Thank you Bernie!!!
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Thank you very much for the kind comment Richard Hug 
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WOW! This is stunning!
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thank you Agni Huggle! 
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:highfive:......thank u, thank u !!!
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Hug many thankies ma' friend !!!
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Oh. I remember my friend painted starfish.
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