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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Tagged by :iconjasmine-t: and :iconhakken-r:

Rules (be sure to copy them!)

- Take your main OCs and rank them from easiest to hardest to draw!
- Start your way from the bottom (starting with the easiest OC to draw), all the way to number 1 (OC being the hardest to draw). You can lump OCs in the same ranking if you need to!
- Give an short description as to why they are hard or easy to draw and provide an art of them so that the audience can see!
- tag people to do this: OPTIONAL

I apologize if the staring creeps you out :rofl:

8: Jan
Character Key Jan Lrge by Four-Ringer

Easiest to draw since, as an older car model, he does not possess a lot of curves and has a basic boxy shape. He is also drawn a lot, mostly just sketches and doodles though, so I'm very familiar with his overall form. Even if the shape isn't bang on perfect, you could add the buck tooth and it would STILL look like Jan :XD:

7: Chloe
Character Key Chloe Lrge by Four-Ringer
Chloe's simplistic body shape, coupled with the fact that there's no grooves or indents to worry about, makes Chloe a good character to doodle just from memory alone. The stripes does pose a bit of difficulty though, since it needs to be drawn by hand,

6: Eoin
Character Key Eoin Lrge by Four-Ringer

Surprised? :lol: In another sketch project I did (OCs that were originally different concept or something like that) I mentioned that Eoin was one of the first characters to exist but not be revealed yet back then. I was practicing drawing F1 cars first in school before I ever actually touched any other car :XD: Because of this, Eoin does not cause as much problems as you may think, although he DOES take a long time to draw because of all those niggly, tiggly bits and bobs attached to him (like the wing mirrors, fins, tubes, axles etc)

5: Dylan
Character Key Dyl Lrge by Four-Ringer

Another frequently drawn character, easy enough shapewise, but at the same time, certain elements of him pose a bit of bother (the tail, grill and hood/roofscoops in particular). It also takes me multiple tries to perfect his "Subie stripes"

4: Ali/Ralli
Character Key Ali Lrge by Four-Ringer Character Key Ralli Lrge by Four-Ringer

Yes, for me, both Alis are harder to draw than you'd expect. The TT's irregular roofline, large grill and side vents can cause big problems when placing and perfecting facial features. These always need to be taken care of first before you get to that part. With Ralli, it's easy to forget the extra lighting on her face.

3: Carlos
Character Key Carlos Lrge by Four-Ringer

While Carlos is not so much a pain to draw, bar the fact that he is a custom, rally adapted SEAT, it's the colouring that catches me out most of the time. Carlos has about 5 or 6 body colours, all going in certain patterns. It's almost impossible for me to remember what they look like from memory. I often need another pic of him on standby to replicate his patterns successfully.

2: Karl
Character Key Karl Lrge by Four-Ringer

An elongated nose, limited mouth area, extra aerodynamic add-ons, pits and vents everywhere and of course, the spoiler, all make Karl a good patience-tester. Not only that, but it's also tricky to create a glow for Karl's tail ends. When perfected however, the results are very satisfying.

1: Tim
Character Key Tim Lrge by Four-Ringer

If Tim was often drawn without any mods, then he would probably take Jan or Chloe's place on this list. But sadly, that's not the case. To draw Tim from scratch, you would need to draw his body. And when that's done, you also need to construct his visible chassis. That's right. You have to actually visually explain how Tim works through drawing a monster truck's inner workings. Right on top of that, the tyres have huge claws that need to be drawn and shaded correctly (ok, THAT is not so much a problem since I have special brushes for this purpose, but it's still a pain in backend) And right on top of THAT one, there's auxiliary lights, an independent jawline, spikes and...more spikes. 


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