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Car Shaming 2.0

Part 2 from the last car shaming series :giggle: 

I decided to just sketch and colour this one and go with six this time because I've been feeling rather unenergetic as of late :dead:

They're probs not as amusing as the first one but it was still fun to make, nonetheless :XD:  

I never thought I'd see Silvia and Toni in a "shaming" pic, they are usually goob cars :B 

Yes, that trollface is legit drawn, lel

Yes, I know Ralli looks weird, shuddap-a you face

Cars (c) Pixar
Characters (c) Me
Versus (GIFT)
Birthday gift for :iconhakken-r:

Two Skylines are locked, neck in neck, in an epic, climactic battle to reach their destination sonic and shadow race  :la: 
Who will win? Place your bets below! take my money :XD:

Yeah I drew Hakken as his anthro car self rather than Pixar style because I wanted to collaborate both styles and have a go at drawing non-Pixar cars =P

Happy birthday pal! Hope you have a good one :party: :cake:

Hakken (c) :iconhakken-r:
Cars (c) Pixar
Shino (c) Me
Bad Touchies
Here, have a random sketch Karl and Jan fluff :giggle: 

Yes, Karl IS thinking of zapping him.
Because what else do you do when your cousin is being an embarrassment :B 

Jan used to love Karl a lot, but the same couldn't be said vice versa, sadly (hence why I quote "used to" ) :saddummy:

Goddammit Karl, why you gotta be so cold and abrasive 8U 

Be grateful that SOMEONE loved you :trollface:

1 fav = 1 hug for Jan :la: Let's see how many hugs he gets! :huggle: :iconsnuzzleplz: :iconflyingheartsplz:

Cars (c) Pixar
Art and Characters (c) Me
Follow Your Fire
Wow, first big pic since forever :dead:

Who here is a fan of Kodaline? =P Show of han-..err...tyres :XD: 
No one...? Just me?... Ok Okay Face Meme Emote 

Anyway, inspired by the song "Follow Your Fire" from them. I listen to it nearly every day ~

I meant to do a pic based on that song a bit earlier but I didn't really know or think about which OC would best be associated with it, until I remembered one day that I wanted to draw more of Shino, since he hasn't had a pic drawn for him since like, 4 years ago :XD:
I eventually came to this idea of him drifting like a real Jap car while leading a trail of fire behind him.

Normally I would do fire my own way, but I instead decided to follow a tutorial instead to try and produce a more authentic look
Those aren't the best looking flames I've ever done but oh well, can't be bothered doing it all again. Already fixed it twice :P 
Also I'm still practicing on doing reflections too (which is why his reflection looks a bit disorted here, sorry if it looks off ><)

Don't worry folks, no Shinos were burned in the making of this piece, totally CGI fire right there :B

Cars (c) Pixar
Follow Your Fire (c) Kodaline
Shino (c) Me

Hi Everyone!

So Pride Month is nearly coming to an end

I participated in an LGBT collab, but I decided that I wanted to do a little bit more to show my solidarity with the LGBT community. It's a rather tiny thing but it's still a contribution nonetheless.

I have decided to change some of my character's sexual orientations to create more diversity, as I have noticed that about 90% of them are straight, so I wish to change this in order to show more support :D 

The following characters of mine will have their sexualities altered:

Dylan Wheelson- Gay (formally bisexual)

Dimitri Trekonov- Asexual (formally straight)

Riia Turbauto- Demisexual (formally straight)

Jan Von Reissenwagen - Bisexual (formally straight)

 I might change more characters in the future, or upload new characters with different preferences. But for now, these four will have their preferences changed.

rainbow heart {big} rainbow heart {big}  rainbow heart {big}  Enjoy the rest of Pride Month! rainbow heart {big} rainbow heart {big} rainbow heart {big} 



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