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Ritsu render

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Disclaimer: Well, if anyone is going to comment that I misunderstood the meaning of "render" and I'm one of the many anime-lover who misused this word, I apologise. I do understand the meaning of "render", however, I used it to describe this png here simply because I do not know how else can I make this "cut out" anime "2D" character more accessible to the fan base.

Sorry if I offended anyone. But I hope no one will come and disturb me regarding this 'cut out'.

This is the image I used for my Ritsu sig for SotW entry #14. Decided to share it with everyone.

That... Logo... Looks familiar eh? XDD But I'm still waiting for the official logo done by my gf to be used. This is just temporary.

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Adding your disclaimer doesn't change the fact that this is not a legitimate stock image. You aren't the copyright holder, and you are correct in the fact that its not a render. Nor is it 3D.
Furthermore it is not your responsibility to make this image "more accessible to the fan base" which rests solely with the copyright owner who's rights you are infringing.

Please remove this from DA and take the time to read both DA's submission policy, the stock and resources policies and the fan art policies.
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"RITSU BELONGS TO HER RESPECTIVE OWNER" Which is Mio-chan of course. :iconmio-cameplz: But but, Azunyan too eh? XDDD :iconazunyanplz: