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SCP-2079 by SunnyClockwork SCP-2079 :iconsunnyclockwork:SunnyClockwork 75 1 Regenerator Love by CosmicVirus Regenerator Love :iconcosmicvirus:CosmicVirus 83 37 Regenerator Resident Evil 4 by AlinaWerewolf6543 Regenerator Resident Evil 4 :iconalinawerewolf6543:AlinaWerewolf6543 4 0 Ethel by Ava-the-gremlin Ethel :iconava-the-gremlin:Ava-the-gremlin 31 25 She by AgentKulu She :iconagentkulu:AgentKulu 15 0 The Doctor by Aesthetic-Predator The Doctor :iconaesthetic-predator:Aesthetic-Predator 45 5 SCP - 106 by 2DarkSky2 SCP - 106 :icon2darksky2:2DarkSky2 16 0 Alligator women by drn1234 Alligator women :icondrn1234:drn1234 3 0 Light fury by Zamzambie Light fury :iconzamzambie:Zamzambie 179 13 Toothless and Light Fury by Madpattii Toothless and Light Fury :iconmadpattii:Madpattii 582 29 SCP-2845 by Bluedrawingmachine SCP-2845 :iconbluedrawingmachine:Bluedrawingmachine 19 0 Christmas caterpillar art trade by drn1234 Christmas caterpillar art trade :icondrn1234:drn1234 3 6 Techno kai ken oni redesign by drn1234 Techno kai ken oni redesign :icondrn1234:drn1234 2 13 Light Flavour by YahkomiOkami Light Flavour :iconyahkomiokami:YahkomiOkami 6 4 Lamia by YahkomiOkami Lamia :iconyahkomiokami:YahkomiOkami 9 0 Space whale RP ref by YahkomiOkami Space whale RP ref :iconyahkomiokami:YahkomiOkami 4 1
((Art that bewilders me. Either from friends, or just people I stumble onto.))

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United States
((Hello everyone and anyone who steps onto my profile who wants to know about me!
Call me Sinny. I'm Nonbinary (She/Her or They/Them), you can chose which to call me by. I am 18 years old, and I am Bi/Pan romantic Asexual.

If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to chat for a second, you can comment on my profile! I use double parenthesis, because I USED RP, and used to do it to separate my RPs from my actual sentences, but I don't RP as much as I did anymore, but I still use double parenthesis kinda as an aesthetic.

Go follow my Shame Pit of a Tumblr if you want

I also use:
Flight Rising-…

All requests are free, but there are regulations. It will depend on the request---I don't normally do requests though, as being requested by someone DOES put a lot of pressure on me, I'm still a young, not perfect artist, and I haven't ventured far to find out all of my skills, so I deeply apologize if you ask me to draw something, and I can't present you with what exactly you had in mind. Below are the statuses on Requests commissions and colabs:

Requests currently: Closed
Commissions Currently: Closed
Colabs Currently: Open(mutual only)
Art Trades: Open(mutual only)

Comments, critiques, advice and anything of that kind concerning my art are HIGHLY appreciated, if it can help me get better in some way, I will try my best to take things said into consideration.

Do Not Watch if you:
-Are into Lolis/call yourself one, or draw art depicting it
-Ship incest/abuse/pedophilia, basically anything gross, or draw art depicting it
-Are a TERF/exclude groups of LGBTQA+/are racist, or draw art depicting it

Below are some things that I'm interested in:

Banette Stamp by 404fggt #537 Seismitoad by Otto-V fossil fighters stamp by Chespinn Assthetic (Stamp) by ELLlOTT
SCP Containment Breach Stamp by TRADT-PRODUCTION // alien stamp by anxi0usCactus ayy lmao Stamp by glustora Electro Stamp by VeggieBaka-Chan
neko atsume stamp by gunsweat Mr. Widemouth stamp by AriaGrill The Rake stamp by akatten Yo-Kai Watch Stamp by SimlishBacon
Ghost Pokemon Stamp by creature002 Jurassic Park stamp by Blue-Fox Furby stamp by kiko987149 I'm A Pumpkin Head by PsychoSlaughterman Mythology Stamp by amanda1ee Ghostbusters stamp by Kaisuke1 stamp: vaporwave by NozomiSusumu Unnoticed Stamp by starfire-wolf Porter Robinson Emoji Stamp by Sapphire1X7
Madeon (Finale) Stamp by VaguelyWonderful Avicii Stamp by Saflie Ao Oni Stamp by OverHyped
Bastille stamp by Tirrathee Stamp: Imagine Dragons by Araktugage Mumford and Sons stamp by ItSmellsLikeIrony . Drawing is living stamp . by TheArta
Ben 10 Stamp by LoudNoises 2012 TMNT stamp by CandleBell - Stamp: Caravan Palace. - by ChicaTH
SCP-966 Stamp by AgentKulu Cryptids stamp by Zakeno Pangolin love stamp by Wolf-Goddess13
Critters AKA The Crites by KingCrazyGood Mars Attacks Stamp by LoudNoises I love Red-crested Turacos by WishmasterAlchemist I love Secretarybirds by WishmasterAlchemist
I love Bearded Vultures by WishmasterAlchemist SCP-087B stamp by TRADT-PRODUCTION Love Horses Stamp by DancesWithPonies
deer stamp by prince-deer Synthwave by black-cat16-stamps Notenrique stamp(hhh) by FoundationDown Stamp: Trollhunters - Blinky by TMNT-Raph-fan Stamp: Trollhunters - Draal by TMNT-Raph-fan


((Hey DA when this website is updated next time can you PLEASE switch hiding comments with straight up removing comments??? I've commented some stupid shit on stuff here on this website in my early days that I hate remembering and simply hiding the comments is not enough for me to get those memories unburnt from my mind thanks
((I've been watching Resident Evil stuff recently and I've been pretty interested in the series for a while. I DO have a gist on the backstory and all but I've never played a game. Though, I could dive into the whole series??

Can we get an RE4 remake I wanna see those Regenerators scare the shit out of people again(everyone claims they're horrifying) even though I think they're kinda cute-ish.
((The mascot used to promote for Ao Oni ver. 2.0 is still being used.
It's mainly used to promote the newer games now.
Me: *crab walks in front of the Noprops team* Where's me 3rd live action Ao Oni movie
((I don't think I'll be bringing this OC back, I just wanted to upload the full drawing.
((Namam- Na-
Snartle's evolution has been renamed to Brutle for the English release and I'm just glad that I can spell and pronounce his name now.
((The music for some of the Oni in Ao Oni 2 and 3 are bops like HOLY SHIT
((I'm not good at puzzle games and jumpscares mess with me, but I kinda want to try out Ao Oni 2 or 3 if they're compatible with my tablet(s)
((Please check out some of Jack Stauber's music?? I discovered him through his surreal Claymation videos and wasn't that into his music at first but I've listened to it all this week and I'm really into it.

ps, his music videos have a lot of flashing imagery, just a warning for anybody who has epilepsy or are bothered by flashing lights. I rarely watch music videos tbh. This is just the audio, these are my fav songs from him currently:

((Koshipanda's English name is Slax and I don't know how to feel about that
((So apparently DeviantArt can sell artist art to stores and websites. If I saw my art at Hottopic on a shirt I don't know how I'd feel.
Art trade!
((Oof I finally got this done?? 
Sorry if either look wrong, but I just did them in my own interpretation.

((Tumblr is now banning ALL adult content, this will start on the 17th, though this mainly includes porn and stuff that the staff should of been getting rid of years ago, they're using bots to filter it out. 

This is the end of Tumblr


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drn1234 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Hi there! I know this seems all of a sudden but can we please do an art trade?
FoundationDown Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2018  Student General Artist
((yeah! Sorry for the late reply, I've been laughing my ass off at Tumblr's shit
drn1234 Featured By Owner Edited Dec 3, 2018  Student Digital Artist
(( it's fine! Can you draw techno ( i posted a redesign of him.    Techno kai ken oni redesign by drn1234  His name is also kai ken oni. ) with the ao oni from the animation movie? What they would look or being doing is up to you!
FoundationDown Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2018  Student General Artist
((Yeah! I'll try, it might take a while tho, I've recently moved to Twitter and am getting situated with mutuals on Tumblr, but I'll squeeze it in at some point this week.
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Hey!!! happy birthday my friend!!!Birthday Cake Free Birthday Icon MenInASuitcase Sprinkle Pop birthday  I wish you an awesome day!!!
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((Thank you!!!!!!
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