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Illunima by foukou Illunima by foukou
Sometimes there's not a whole lot to say about a photograph. This is one of those. What one sees is exactly all that one gets. A glimpse into paradise. The cat was perfect, the view in my camera's view-finder was perfect. I just pressed a button. Within a second the cat had moved on by, but I had already taken the best shot I could have taken.

This photograph was shot in the indescribably beautiful village of Ia (also frequently written as Oia) on the island of Santorini, located in the Cyclades which belong to Greece. Those who know of George Meis and have seen some of his photography will most likely recognize this location. The photograph was taken during my short island hopping through the Cyclades. If one would like to read more about the day I took this photo, follow this [link]

When I see this photograph, it's like a mental teaser summoning my memories of this place, and then the rest of the village. The best way to understand how the village of Ia has impressed itself into my thoughts and memories, would be to visit Ia and gather one's own memories. While this likely holds true with most scenario, something about Ia multiplies the mass, the value of the memories.. I view this piece as an entrance, a door-way into my memories.

I left the stick-reef thing to the right of the visible door in the photograph because I believe it provides a certain balance between the left and right of the piece.

Expect to see more from Ia in my gallery, perhaps my babble will make more sence.
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Rebehm Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
I love this photo! The angle and the colors are facinating! This cat reminds me of a cat I know.
jl Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2005  Professional Writer
Great. Lovely how the cat seems to dream while walking the roof.
C-Novack Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2004  Professional Photographer
I just don't know why EXACTLY I find this photo so appealing. But I do. I love the lines and angles that are captured in these piece. The pastel colors of the buildings are soft and soothing. The flowers growing on the wall and the stonework seen on one wall further immurse me in walking the streets of a quaint little village. The cat in the shot is a wonderful little touch that could not have been more perfect. Believe it or not it adds another dimension to this photo for the cat is the only living thing that is busy streets, no bustling thoughfares, no people rushing to get to somewhere they are late. It is a lazy, easy, serene day here in this villiage.
ShiverNamelessone Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2004
sweet. unique. i love the eyes squinting in sunlight.

the way the composition all leads to the same focal point before releasing the eyes to explore the beauty all around.

i love that strange little bonsai tree on top of the stone wall.
blck Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
finger on the button at the right time, would also make great b&w shot, than again, the white angled lower part against those warm colors makes it perfect.
arphire Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2004
No doubts as to who's master of this house ;)

Looks like a really beautiful place. I think you could have done a better job of painting out the cables though. Or just not mention it. Either would probably do :)
hexwork Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2004
It's really cool photo. Just a little bit more saturated colors and that one pic can be totally amazing. I really like it.
Vladar Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2004
Great capture.
EndlessIllusions Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2004   Photographer
This is really a sweet little photo... with such a wonderful atmosphere to it. Beautiful capture... :)
jasebase Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2004
All the pieces in the right place at the right time..
manormouseman Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2004   Photographer
Here kitty kitty :ninja:
clelba Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2004   Photographer
that really is beautiful...the angles and lines of the walls disorientate you a bit, but then you spot the cat, and everything suddenly seems ok...
the colours all complement each other really well too...
^. .^
= ' =
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