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This is a rose from a courtyard in the monastery of St. Stephen, a nunnery near the village of Kalampaka up in the Meteoras in Greece. The photograph was taken in October, 2004. For more information on that, and what I was doing there one can follow this [link]

In the blurred background one can see a sort of balcony which overlooks this courtyard one enters upon entering the monestery. I decided to upload this deviation because I really like how crisp the rose is. I did not have a tripod with me at the time. I increased the blue hue a bit to brighten up the green in the background to add some complimentary contrast (if this is possible) to the left and right of the photograph.

Additionally it might interest some to know that the courtyard in which this rose grows is in the James Bond movie, For Your Eyes Only.
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Beautiful. Love it. Great Gallery.


-ps thanks for looking at my page :)
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amazing details ~ the exterior petals feel waxen and the interior like velvet.
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Yeah love this one :clap:
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excelente macro
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This has to be one of the most beautifully captured and compose photo of a rose I have ever seen. Just spectacular. I love how the rose is the focal point but its of to the side and allows your eye to roam for just a moment over the intrigingly mysterious background before again demanding your attention. Stupendous work :D
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I'm glad you enjoed it. :) Heh, i like to keep things out of the middle.. who wants to see a rose in the middle of a photograph? ...
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It is really sharp :) I like the way macros create such a difference between sharp foreground and soft background.
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beautiful focus...i love the rich colours too...
^. .^
= ' =
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Das ist sehr schön. Gefällt mir vorallem wegen der Anordnung und der durch den unscharfen Hintergrund hervorgerufene "Tiefeneffeckt". :)
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Ohh wow, that's really well done =)
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