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High, high.. very high above sea level nearby the Mauna Kea Observatories at sunset facing South east... The colours make it look unrealistic... Its quite surreal in my opionion... The border sort of leads you into it and leaves you boxed in the little fantasy land high in the sky.

Location: Mauna Kea, Big Island Hawai'i
Date: June 2003
Camera: Sony DSC-S70
Enhancements: Colour, contrast, Hue and brightness alterations.
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wonderfull view ! :)

great photo! =D

congrats 4 it!

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I'm glad you liked it! :)
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Fantastic colours. I think that it's the best from your gallery up to now. Add to favourites :D
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Really? this one? Heh.. its really interesting.. because... a lot of people like this one.. but.. im not a big fan... :shrug:
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wunderschöne aufnahme, tolle farben!!
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i really like the composition too...
^. .^
= ' =
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It's so peaceful. I love how the clouds go across the picture.
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yes, i agree. That and the different colours as you move up and down the horizon.
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sh!t that sky is sweet.... nice colouds... smoooooooooooth clouds...peaceful... fav
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I'm sitting here in front of my computer just enjoying pretending that I am there looking at it myself...thank you so very much!
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Nice colors...:D
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Very nice image. I like what you did with the border, too. Good work.
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Great Shot. Thanks for sharing.
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very beautifull landscape, nostalgique and romantic!
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this is an awesome shot - very impressive :-)
i most like the different colors in the sky :+fav:
greetz from berlin
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8) Nice, peaceful ... 8)

Interesting to use a canvas filter on this... Gives it an unusual look. Looks like a canvas filter anyway... :| or maybe just because it's 5:32 AM here in Florida and I've been up since yesterday morning... :|

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oh.. some feathering.. some blending around the edges for the border and then .. yea... i dunno... not a whole lot complicated.
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Not much of a canvas 'filter' was applied.. in a sence of a filter anyway.. however.. i did do something somewhat similar by hand... :shrug:
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8) Ok. What? ...And how? 8)
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