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With this photo, I attempt to show my viewer the complexity in seemingly simple things. On first glance, flowers are pretty basic, though beautiful things of nature. On closer examination, a single flower reveals much more complexity than any first glance can reveal. I would like to share this experience with my viewer by sharing this photograph and this series.

The negative space, or in other words, all the white, is completely intentional from an artistic point of view. I tried adding various backgrounds behind the flower. Some in focus, some completely out of focus. However, I failed to ever truly enjoy the results. The colour's always conflicted with the flowers’, or the background was just simply too distracting, or gained too much attention when I looked at it. This series is simply about this particular flower, to enshrine its short existence into an infinite display of beauty. Give it a full view, and enjoy this flower in all of its glory, for the flower is the pure subject in this piece.

The colours are 100% realistic with very little added saturation. I placed a 1 metre x 0.5 metre x 2 milimetres piece of paper behind the flower when I photographed it out in a garden with my camera on a tripod. Later in Photoshop, I was easily able to remove the piece of white paper from the camera raw and begin work. A whole too many variations in colour, saturation, etc made themselves known. I had a real tough time deciding such things as colour, hues, and saturation. In the end, I decided to leave it as it was in reality. I spent a good amount of time smoothing out the edges. I duplicated the layer with the flower and applied a gaussian blur with a 14 pixel radius, then placed this layer behind the original to add a sort of softness around the flower's edges, leading it nicely into the white background.

Additionally, I'd like to point out the heart in the bottom right of the flower. Quite accidental.

Personally, I am rather fond of the photographs in this series. I hope that you will critique this photo thoroughly with my intentions in mind. I hope you enjoy it!

Photo #1, Part One of a two part series of 4 photographs.

Other photos in this series:
#2a Allureiticali
#3b Allureaticala
#4b Allureaontala
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wow i love the blank bg, it adds so much!
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that is truly amazing.
the balance with the negative space.
love what you did with the border, allowing the one pedal freedom from it.
and the heart, although unintentional, is a wonderful finishing touch.
nicely done.
GeS--T432-T436--2206's avatar
I love this one very much,especially the frame,vivid.
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also beautiful!
i like this one, not necessarily more than the other one, but seems softer, i think the colours are slightly less harsh... lke the border on both deviations, as well :)
^. .^
= ' =
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Indeed, this photo is a bit softer than the other one. It probably has to do with the fstop. This one was f8, or 11 (don't quite recall w/o looking at raw) and the other (Allureiticali) was f22.

The borders.. i'm somewhat questionable about. They look slightly off to me, even though they're not. Heh. I'm glad you like them, though! :)
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^. .^
= ' =
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Excelent use of PS on a great shot... That's a technique I'm very fond of... But I use it for no realistic shots but cutout modifications... Of the four, I really like this one better... Congrats!!!
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Yea, personally, this one ranks up there too! Heh.. such a simple technique.. but quite effective! Glad you liked it! :) thank you!
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The series is really good but I can't look at them full sized because the file sizes are >= 1 Megabyte... you might want to try a little more compression
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Heh.. The photographs just loose too much quality when i go down any more.. I'm not sure what to tell you/or do..
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That's ok, but I've noticed the quality can still be pretty decent at jpeg 90% (I can't tell the difference actually) and a 768 X 1024 shot will fill the screen. With as much white and similar colors as your pictures have that might reduce it to 200 or 300k. You obviously don't have to but more people would probably full view your images if you compressed them more
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My photographs aspect ratio i not 1.33:1, but 1.5:1, so 768x1024 would not be quite the right resolution, however a bt more compression.. I'll keep it in mind for the next time (soon)! :)
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right on, I really love your stuff, I just want to see it at higher res than the thumbnail
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Ha! I have come about with a solution!... What do you say to 960x640? That is fairly small, yet still quite larger than the thumbnail. Heh, i will upload one at this size as a preview, and then upload another at 1440x960 for download.
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