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I have always found the interiors of gothic style cathedrals absolutely fascinating, both in beauty and the architecture. Though, this style of church architecture have interiors that are always a bit darker than I prefer. This is what this church would look and feel like in my fantasy world. A giant chamber of typical gothic structures, but greatly illuminated as though one had just beat a great boss in a video/PC game and lifted the dark curse from the land, the hero being rewarded a great prize in a giant church, again lit by natural light. Speaking of video games, this piece reminds me of the game Zelda: Ocarina of Time..

St. Mary's church, this French Gothic cathedral in the North German city of Lübeck, was built using brick. It became a model for many other French Gothic cathedrals built with bricks in the Baltic region. St. Mary's church was built between 1260 and 1350, but it was totally destroyed in 1942 during WWII. It was restored in 1958.

It was quite difficult, or perhaps annoying, to get this piece to look the way I wanted it to on my laptop's LCD.. It looked a great deal different from whichever angle I was viewing my monitor. However, I believe I finally got it how I'd like it to be. Those of you with CRT's, let me know how it looks!

Photograph shot using a 14mm EF lens. The original can be found here: [link]
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I like this kind of shot! ( see my The Cathedral ). :+fav:
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i love that gothic style, such beautyfull picture!
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Looks like Orthodox cathedral with Catholic architecture :)
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I suppose.. becuase its so light and bright! :)
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It turns you into the childhood, into the land of dreams :)
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So true about gothic architecture - I love how it manages to evoke a sense of the sublime, just like a breathtaking landscape can. Makes me want to read some Radcliffe again!

This is a stunning photograph, very well done indeed =D :peace:
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Originally I saw that you came to my page, and when I clicked on my friends age who just joined I saw you had already visited her as well. I was curious so I came to your gallery to see what your style was. I dont regret finding what I did. I am in love with Gothic architecture, and am completely facinated by pictures like this. I live in Germany, and whenever I am given the chance, I visit Cathedrals, or small town churches. I one day hope to visit this particular cathedral. I would love to see something so illuminated.

Please take care, and post some more delicious Cathedral art. =)
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The church photographed in this picture was indeed quite luminated, however.. i did a lot of photoshop work to make it as luminated as one sees it now.. ;) It's a very beautiful church, i hope you get a chance to see it one day!
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Wow. That's a very beautiful and stunning transition from dark to light. You should be very proud of yourself (and it looks great, as I have a CRT monitor.)

I love this gothic look in white though, it seems like something completely different than one would ever see anywhere. (Even though it exists... just in a darker tone.) But the transition of colors really changes it into something new and exciting. Very wonderful work, as I compared the two pictures.
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Thank you! Glad it looks good on a crt! :) Yea, churches always seem like kind of cold dark places to me... So seeing it so illuminated is a interesting thing to see.. Thank you again! :)
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-is mass of quivering yvil goo-

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cool shot! love the white
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thank you for visiting my page! ^__^

oh, wow... this is gorgeous, i love the angle at which the picture was taken.
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very interresting angle and colors !!!!!!!! i really like this one
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i like this one the most in your gallery.. great shot..cong..
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I can't describe how much I love this shot. It's everything that I love about architecture! ahahahh You are a very talented photographer.

wow...I just can't stop staring.
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Beautiful shot here! :nod:

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Fascinating indeed, yet I can't help but feel a great sense of not really fear but... wanting to be as far away as possible from it. Religious centers tend to freak me out. I think this is a wonderful capture of the absolutely beautiful architecture. The glowing white light is almost overwhelming, in a good way for the purpose of the photo but in my own interpretation, quite scary and "wrong".
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Oh Good Gods, it's gorgeous.


I love the angle you've adapted on this one. Not quite lookin' straight up but nor or you photographing it 'flat'. I'm in awe.

Definitely a fave. <3

~The Notorious Miss Amanda
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it very much does remind me of a Zelda game (some of my all time favorites :D )
very good picture and I love the lighting... good job
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:) thank you! im glad you like the lighting!
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