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Hello everyone!

I made my first adult comic (nope, not about ponies), but I can't post it here as Deviantart doesn't allow it.

You can find a link to read it on my Tumblr if you're interested for it.

I hope you're doing fine in spite of the heat wave. For my part, I'm melting :iconsoakingtwilightplz:
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I wrote a very long note to say I am sorry I am always too shy to tell how grateful I am to all my patrons on Patreon and everyone of you and that I read every comment you write, but I'm too shy to post it.

So... thanks to you all, and I read every comment you write. And have a merry christmas :iconflutterblushplz:
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Hey, what's up?

3 min read
You may be wondering "what were those comics with Audrey from Atlantis?", "is the Mauxie serie going to continue?" or "when are you finally going to continue the sequel of Memory Lapse?!"

The answer may be a bit evasive but... I don't know. I draw from day to day without planning anything, just asking to myself what I would like to draw now. Everytime I say I'm going to try to please you, I receive comments and notes saying to me that I should continue to do what I like and don't try to please everyone. And you are damn right, the works I find the less interesting are always the ones I didn't do with my heart.

So, as long as I don't find something that I'd enjoy more than the love story of Maud and Trixie, their story will continue (I still have so many ideas for them!). I also want to continue Memory Lapse (my initial idea was to make a shorter story), but these comics are very long to make and I always have more homeworks as time goes by. And I have a very big fault: I like to be able to draw every single one of my works in one shot.

About Audrey, I don't even know if she will come back. I wanted to try drawing a human, and I thought Audrey was a really good one! But, as I'm writing this, I don't have anything more I'd like to tell about her, so I don't feel the need to draw her once more. Come what may!

I'm often thinking about trying new ideas, but I usually tell myself "hum, that could be good but I prefer to draw another Mauxie comic". Time will show if one of those succeed to hatch its egg.

I'm also hoping to do a really big project the next summer holidays (probably without ponies). But I had the same will last summer, and I wasn't able to do it because I needed... holidays! So I can only cross my fingers not to be too tired this time.


PS : I recently made a lot of change to my Patreon page. There's no goal or reward anymore, I knew I would lost some patrons for that, but I prefer to have all of my free time to do comics for everyone, without having to send files or doing commissions to have more pledges. Now, this is really just a support page, to help me to continue to share with you all the stories running through my head.
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Some news

2 min read
Woah, this Mauxie story sure went far! I was thinking nobody would read it, so I'm really happy so many of you likes it! Thanks!

However, bad news, I'm going to stop (for the next days, I don't know after) the daily comics. I'm exhausted and I've got a lot of work to do IRL.

Furthermore, some followers of Memory Lapse probably want to lock me inside their basement and yell at me "You said September! Write the sequel, damn it!".
The initial idea of Memory Lapse was to make really short comics like the first page, but as you can see in the last ones, I made them waaay too long. I had begun the eleventh part, but it was more longer than the tenth part, and that's why it takes me so long to do it. It frustrating for me and for the readers who follow it, so I'm really going to try to go back to shorter comics, like the length of a Mauxie comic (which I wish I would make shorter too, I love to make big comics with lot of events in it, but it's taking me too much time!)

One another thing about the requests. I won't plan to do some of them, then tell I won't do the others ones. I prefer to take one from time to time, and it means I can't guarantee if I'll make yours or not. Sorry for this incertainty, but as there is no money involved, I thought this wasn't a problem until I received some mails telling "so, are you going take it or not?". If you need to be sure to have your request done, and/or want it quickly, I'm not the good person to ask.

Thanks again to all my readers, you are one of the best thing which ever happened to me!

PS: I watched Speed Racer last night, and it rocks. I can understand some people don't like it, but you should give it a try.
PPS: This post is probably full of mistakes and strange prunonciation, le french me is sorry!
PPPS: Yes, I excuse myself more than a canadian. Sorry about that.
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Have a look and ask me things! :iconpinkietardplz:
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