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What do you want, Spinel? [Steven Universe]

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She really needed that hug.

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Hugs are fun a necessary!!

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I was having a hard day, but now it is a soft day. Thank you. 😢💖💖💖💖💖💖

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Yeah she really needed that

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No, she NEEDS a hug.
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That’s a good point: Spinel was created to exclusively serve to entertain others, so her whole identity is wrapped around what others want from her. I hope she managed to grow beyond that in SU:F.
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Daaaw that was cute.
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I have anxiety and fear of rejection. I often try "make up" for it by being outgoing, agreeable, "fun" to be around. Alternatively, isolating myself, and only then it being OK to do what I want to do.

It has taken two years being with my partner to slowly learn that it's OK to ask for and do what I want with others. It's been a journey, but knowing that there is someone who is willing to accept you even if you don't give them everything is just... It finally brings peace.

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I'm the same but different. I get along well with my coworkers and find it easy to mess around with the ones I feel most comfortable with. But outside of work I'm a total homebody. I never invite friends over or visit them. I really struggle to interact with others on a personal level. Messing around while working is one thing, but actually sitting down and having a conversation without some kind of distraction is too much for me. The problem is a bit of a catch-22. I have nothing to talk about because I never do anything, and I don't do anything because I have no one to do it with.

The only friend I used to have over moved upstate a few years ago and has been struggling to make ends meet ever since. He was the closest friend I had, and he knew all my deep, dark secrets as I knew his. The only problem I had was receiving. When it came to videos and stuff I always wanted to be the one to entertain him, I guess as a substitute for my boring life otherwise.

The thing is that I'M not bored with my life. I enjoy my work and browsing the internet. It just doesn't make for good conversation. And if it's someone I'm not comfortable with I'll barely say a word, or I'll swallow my feelings.
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awwwww Spinel! hugs can be fun, and they're definitely more fun than no hugs
wonderful comic!!
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aww that's sweet!

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Oh man, I wished so hard he would have just hugged her ONCE during the movie.
Also you spelled "independent" wrong, unless you wanted to make some kind of pun about gems not having to hang around their function anymore :D
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Thank you! No pun intended, I'm french and that's how I'm used to write it! ^^

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Ah, that makes sense. Although it is a really fun pun...they're off the leash, so to speak :D
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I cant fav this enough!!!
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*spams the favorite button, clicking it so hard* :love: 
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oh my fucking god I nearly cried.
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Spinel Is Really Funny To Steven. Nice Of Them To Be Friends.

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