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Villainy [post-episode strip]

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Published: August 29, 2016
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xAjelandroxHobbyist Filmographer
Ahora quiero una continuación de esto, me conformo solo con ver como acarician a fluttershy
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The-NecromancerHobbyist General Artist
Hee hee hee...

Caught this on Scribbler's channel. Hilarious.

That face. It's made to haunt dreams...
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These episode follow-up strips of yours make me want to see an entire story based on what's established in them. Like this one. They're amazing!
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madkrayzyponyHobbyist Traditional Artist
Man Flutershy's been hangin around Grinch again, just look at that mug at panel 5.
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wut I have so many questions...
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Well, There are two possible answers for this. The first, fluttershy just says that to make feel good to Discord. The second, fluttershy usually likes to role-play like a villain. 
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I love this fluttershy
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That face in the second-to-last frame is... haunting.
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Hehe I really love your comic so adorable. <3
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I always did say she was secretly evil. But nobody believes me!
Robotic-Turtle's avatar
She's not wrong about cats. I've seen it happen.
Only after I started taking the mice away did the cat decide he'd just end them quickly and eat them.
It was pretty gross. :D
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I'm slightly disturbed by Fluttershy's face in panel 5MLP Emote Bigmac Big Macintosh Shocked I've seen some shit... 
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Guess what, Flutterbutter?.... Immah dog. >8)..... ready for play time?
SPB2015's avatar
Uh, I don't like where that last pannel's going.
Mistvern's avatar
Now that's an awesome personality quirk! So sinister and yet sooo cute. Especially if she only shows that side of herself to Discord. Love this. XD
Articunos-Bitch's avatar
That is why people should ship them together. Not because they get along, but she's herself around him.
JustJoeKing's avatar
O_o..... why dontcha go play doctor with articuno.....
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YesImDeadpool General Artist
last panel: Wait, what? XD
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SnazzyChapeauHobbyist General Artist
Don't question it. Just do as you are told.
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YesImDeadpool General Artist
*aims a comically large gun in your face* No I won't.
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YesImDeadpool General Artist
Meh. :)
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