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The Potion [post-episode strip]

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this episode just... wow.

Discord episodes in general just... wow.
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Someone needs to make this an alternate ending comic/fanfiction or something, it's hilarious.
kittensouffle's avatar
isn't that exactly what this is
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I haven't seen the episode (I fell behind for a bit) but they adviced me to stay clear of this one.
Th3iPoDM0N's avatar
Disk Defrag finished finally I see.
Animatorsnake's avatar
There  was no speel but it made Pinkie realize the "true" problem... inside jokes
jyroman53's avatar
If that happened than I would like to see Discord gettin a pie in da faec
pwnerj's avatar
Pie in the face all Smile HD style? Like "breaking a pinkie promise" kind of thing?
jyroman53's avatar
Na just getting a freakin HUGE pie on his faec
pwnerj's avatar
That would imply that she got fat first.
jyroman53's avatar
HolotheCat's avatar
PIE in the face. I get what you did there.
jyroman53's avatar
Indeed my friend indeed !
LordKane666's avatar
lol wow Twi no need to go that far
GolliatTaillog's avatar
Last episode - f_cktardness = this strip
AJR001's avatar
I hope Discord has a face cast handy. :XD:
You. I like you.
fanwriter's avatar
Twilight is the very definition of jealous.  If it's not about her it's evil.

I thought the ending was annoying though...everything is right in the world when Twilight is at the center of attention.

And Princess of Friendship?!  Yeah right...Pinkie has way more friends.
ughleeperson's avatar
uh oh. Twilight hater detected. Arming orbital friendship cannons. And possibly a comment war. (jk)
fanwriter's avatar
Hey I like Twilight!

When books fall on her, various Derpy related things fall on her, she crashes to the ground, she gets owned by other ponies....

But as far as ponies go mine are Trixie, Pinkie, Fluttershy and Lightning Dust. :D
Oh, Twilight! Is that any way for the Princess of Friendship to act?!

LOL...that is funny!
Twilight seems to have the same weakness Luna had, I would not be surprised if she completely succumbs to that weakness at some point.
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