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The Lecture

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Will there be other "Mauxie" comics ?
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Sure, sorry for the wait :)
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Pas de problème, prends ton temps (^v^)
Juste, on pourrait penser que c'est la fin douce-amère de l'histoire...
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Maud is all about the Rocks I've never been sadder
Rainbow Dash (what) plz Uhhhhhhh are you?
Maud is slightly confused Yes.
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Maud no has a heart of stone.
No. I refuse to cry.
Aw, hell. I'm crying.
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All the raging blah blahs and trigger warnings everywhere!!!
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Trixie Sees Too Roll Icon SHE'S SPIRALING OUT OF CONTROL!!!!
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... You've left me speechless. TWICE. With just these panels.
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And the million dollar question on the board is: Describe Trixie is one word.
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I'm sorry but do you mean "bitch"?
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Survey says: That is correct!
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I think it's a pretty normal thing to do to lecture someone who tried to manipulate you.
But I will say she went too far with the insults
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but pride in what?
herself - obviously
but most of that is false bravado
as a performer she actually prides herself in the Joy and happiness,
that the entertainment she performs, is supposed to bring to the crowd.
after all a performer without an audience is just another face in the crowd.
and if the audience isn't having fun, there won't be any future shows.

but in her heart what is worth more?
the Joy of Maud when they're together? though there isn't a cheering crowd.
or a cheering crowd? when she knows Maud will be Lonely and Sad without her around.
and can she find a balance between the two?
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Huh, well lemme see "Pride". Survey says! *BZZZZZZZT!*
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... Wow. This... describes it perfectly.
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Right in the feels...
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Did i lose something? Why is trixie such a bad person now? This isn't the way to treat anybody, much less the person you love. SHe is saying the specifing things she KNOWS will make maud sad and depressed. Why??

Why does she deserve this?
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They're in an abusive relationship, what goes around comes around, and around, and around, and around. No one , even those who did nothing wrong, gets out of one of them unscathed.
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Yeah, Trixie's out of line here. What Maud did was just a harmless prank (Pinkie went along with it, you know).

They might need to break up because Trixie isn't ready to be close to someone yet.
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