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i want this to happen
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How does one farm wells?
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Digging them as well as finding underground reservoirs I'd assume. Like how "Rock Farming" is most likely researching any strata or something, as well as making sure that mines are up to code.
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Well that was cute
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This may well be the silliest comic yet.
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haha who knew maud's weakness was puns.
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XD Maud was simply not made to laugh. Her face overloaded.
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That's quite it !
this whole story line has been a barrage of pure gold. 
I hope it never stops Love 
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You made this comic pretty well... Darn it! They got me to do it!
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Are they serving Beef Wellington at the party?
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This is all well and good, but we must be thinking of Maud's well being. 
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It's cool to see how much the art improves without compromising the cute style. The last page for example had some really good framing shots.

Initially started as a crack ship, this has really turned into quite something. Definitely my favorite Trixie ship. (And my only Maud ship.) Great work overall!
not once have you said well
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Well whattaya gonna do about it?
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they broke her...  she can't fix her face.
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Lol, that was great I like seeing Trixie giving good stage advice.
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Pffft! I can't stop laugh! XD
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I'm loving this comic, well done! XD
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What a well made page.
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So many wells... :XD:
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Panel 3 is  worded oddly.  "What does it inspire you?"  Seems like it should be "Does it inspire you?" or "What does it inspire IN you?"

Other than that I enjoyed it.
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