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Hey, you two should kiss... :XD:
O_o.... finish da conversation....
*waits with a net* 
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You'll fix this somehow, right? You have something in mind, right?
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Don't sink the ship, it has to keep sailing strong 5-ever!
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"future DIY sessions", lol.
No, Trixie! Don't go! :(
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What Maud says in the last panel here is seriously one of my favorite lines in any comic ever.
Hey, she only explicitly said that she would remember it fondly. Anything about DIY sessions has to be read between the lines.
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Yes this is a beautiful story please keep the ship going, Mauxie is the best.
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Don't you dare sinking this ship after keeping it sailing strong after all that time! Mauxie 5-ever!
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Lovely Story. :)
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Th... wait what...

.... I didn't see this coming.
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Maybe someday later they'll patch things up :)
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One can hope, this all took place before the thing with Trixies evil necklace. Maybe she got back after that incident 😊
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I'm sorry, are they splitting?
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*SOB* So good!!!!
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I read all the comic in like 2 or 3 hours and all i can say is: I NEED MORE!!!!!
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I know that feel mate, I know that feel...
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