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Published: March 3, 2015
Next part: A New Hope

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even tho she loves Trixie, she still loves her sister
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namiichuHobbyist Artist
Trixie's lesson: Never make best pony cry or Maud will come and stop her~

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FlutterDashFTWStudent Artist
Bro's before ho's!! Oh wait - Sis' before ho's?? Or Family before ho's... it just doesn't have the same ring to it, huh?
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insertawittyusernameHobbyist General Artist
i think the term sisters before misters fits here
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FlutterDashFTWStudent Artist
haha, I guess so 
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that's right maud put her in her place~! family comes first!...bitch.
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Pinkie's reaction understandable yet unexpected xD
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HexedecimalHobbyist Filmographer
Let's be honest: When was anything Pinkie did was expected?
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I cant tell what Maud is doing to Trixie in the final panel.
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Looks like she's twisting Trixie's forehoof behind her head. Reminds me of some judo joint lock holding techniques.
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Trixie I hope those words are sugar-coated, because you're about to eat them...
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Just one small teensy tiny request...
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Uh oh. Maud is mad.
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Ahh, a crying Pinkie is so adorable. But we need more pony's but these three! Lets bring in some outside Pony's.
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JNinelivesHobbyist Traditional Artist
Awww.... :3
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MustLoveFrogsProfessional General Artist
The dreaded Foal-Nelson!
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Trixie is still herself under that crush on Maud xD
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SiansaarProfessional Digital Artist
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Yeap that is Maud for you. I guess we know who is the dominant one, lol, especially when it comes to protecting her sister.
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Trixie, you should be more patient.
Maud, you hurt Trixie.
Pinkie, hm, nothing wrong with you, stay adorable as you are.
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