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Rearing Impaired [post-episode strip]

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wait what

...okay, patricide is acceptable in some circumstances.
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Wait, BigMac say that who killed his parents? I don't fully understand what he meant... he do this? 
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Well. That would explain a few things.
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Headcannon accepted
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Ohcrapsy that escalated quickly
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that took a dark turn really fast
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WOW!Oh Wow that was disturbing.
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Okay, that was unexpected..... Top notch dark humor right here. :D
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"Which one? Aw, heck, I'll just do 'em both."
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you do know AJ is protected by twilight sparkle
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The surviving Apples won't be pleased, and they'll probably be next
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I did NAZI that coming
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That joke. Didin't see that cone commimg XD
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This horrible. Nice work!
Hehe. Too late....... I killed er with my bad jokes. She's havin dinner now..... what? I didn't kill er for real! Git gud!
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Well, aside from the last panel, this sums up my job pretty much to a T.
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That's dark... ^^;
Big Mac is best Dexter
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I see someone's been getting more practice drawing ponies in oblique poses.
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I'm not sure if Big Mac is serious or not. Mainly because I myself spout random dark humor into conversations to see how the people I'm speaking to react.
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It's always fun to do that; it's also really funny when they agree with you before realizing waht you said.
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