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Memory Lapse #8

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Published: June 9, 2014
Part #9 :…

Here are the results of the seventh page : 'She was at the hospital when the train left' (A) got 27%, 'Spike never leaves Ponyville without telling someone' (B) got 30% and 'There were no trains in Ponyville this morning' (C) got 43% (those results could be a little wrong, I will verify them later).

Part #1 :…
Part #2 :…
Part #3 :…
Part #4 :…
Part #5 :…
Part #6 :…
Part #7 :…
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MacyEdwardHobbyist General Artist
Pinkie Pie is in charge now.
monika41's avatar
A lets make it easier
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MLPegasis4898Hobbyist Digital Artist
They're stealing Twilight's memories??? :omfg: :omfg: :omfg:
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LunaTsunkinoHobbyist Artist
C.Rarity?! Seriaously I put my trust on you so much! And your my 3rd favourite pony! And you believed Nurse Red Heart?! For realsies?! Friend is more better than a saviour!
DalekPrimeMinister's avatar
I just realized, Pinkie is just like Sherlock Holmes here.
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LunaTsunkinoHobbyist Artist
Why don't you search the image of "Sherlock Shellingford" at Google? That's more Pinkie in realsies!
DalekPrimeMinister's avatar
You dare replace Pinkie Pie with anime!?
LunaTsunkino's avatar
LunaTsunkinoHobbyist Artist
Not,really.'cause the voice actor of japanese Pinkie is also the voice actor of Sherlock Shellingford.And they're voice absolutely the same
DalekPrimeMinister's avatar
You're off the hook for now.
LunaTsunkino's avatar
LunaTsunkinoHobbyist Artist
"off the hook"? What's that?
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unikitty1212Hobbyist Digital Artist
Princesslunamoon77's avatar
What the heck rainbow why are you thinking like twilight
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newflutterpieHobbyist General Artist
you haven`t noticed Pinkie said they are stealing her memories when they say her name?
icythunder1's avatar
You aren't noticing that EVERYONE is starting to act like twilight?

Pinkie Pie is the smart one COME ON!
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TeamPrismHobbyist Artist
D is also the grade Trixie got for her homework.
Shadowstorm175's avatar
C,A,B D i dont even wanna know
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