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Memory Lapse #15

Next part :…

Edit: Here's the reminder of the first fifteen comics of Memory Lapse :… !

Edit: Sorry for the edit below the page, but I wasn't sure I had made this really clear after seeing the first votes. This story can be quite confusing, so I'm thinking about making a "memo" to make everything clear to everyone :)

I still look at all the votes on DeviantArt, but I will now give the results from the poll I make on my tumblr, which are always really close to the DeviantArt ones. Don't misunderstand me, your vote on DeviantArt still has the same impact! It's just that when I clearly see that the winning path is the same on DeviantArt and Tumblr, I waste a lot of time counting every vote anyway instead of using this time on another work.

Here are the results of the previous page : "Try to talk her into reason" (A) : 24%, "Fight her to make her be quiet" (B) : 11%, and "Knock her unconsounscious" (C) : 65%.

Part #1 :…
Part #2 :…
Part #3 :…
Part #4 :…
Part #5 :…
Part #6 :…
Part #7 :…
Part #8 :…
Part #9 :…
Part #10 :…
Part #11 :…
Part #12 :…
Part #13 :…
Part #14 :…
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Is this comic dead ?
ndedwards224's avatar
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...can I sleep with a Rainbow Dash? Ooh, ohh, I know 
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I'm loving this comic soooo much XD But please more of Discord and Fluttershy moments X3
Buckykatt42's avatar
I am loving this story so far, it just keeps getting crazier and crazier! on to the next part!
Maldrete's avatar
A, because B sounds odd to me. Not sure why I don't pick C...sounds too easy maybe.
DiscordLexia's avatar
So muzzling her sounds better somehow?!?!
ChrisB0126's avatar
First? Definitely A, the other two can come second.
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cool story bro Sonic Hooba Dooba  its sad that it slow EqG Rainbow Dash (Stare) Plz 
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A, because C would speed up teh comic and mean it'd be over sooner.
samykhadre's avatar
the Next is for wen please ?
FouDubulbe's avatar
Sorry but I have no idea. These comics are very time-consuming because they are big with a lot of characters, and I like to be able to draw every single one of my comics in one shot, so I'm waiting for the next time I will have a lot of free time and not too much homeworks.
samykhadre's avatar
Ok take your time !
ponpon2323's avatar
still waiting :'s
E09378's avatar
A then C while A is active
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B, an exorcism seems to be the logical choice....

never though I'd say that
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