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In The Closet [post-episode strip]

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Turnabout-UsernameHobbyist Writer
All the bodies of the ponies who rejected the Philosopher's Stone.
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AmrasFelagundHobbyist Writer
Guess she has a lot of skeletons in there...
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o.O   ....... that was...... disturbing......
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julian0123Hobbyist Writer
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DarkDescantHobbyist Digital Artist
I like Spike in the last panel.
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friends help you move, but REAL friends help you move bodies...
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WUBTIME123Hobbyist General Artist
best comment ever
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Oh my gosh! LOL!!!
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They sure were loyal to Twi, not calling the police about that... Twilight (Smile) Plz 
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There's nothing like the sounds of home.
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Oh how nice! Like Pinkie said, what are friends for? 
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jyroman53Hobbyist Digital Artist
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terrymouseHobbyist Traditional Artist
... guessing I missed an episode here.  Haruka Nanase (Surprised) [V1] 
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oh, spike. You have no clue, do you?
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This is just... creepy... o-O

I like it! :D

I'm weird... ;w;
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[Screams Internally]
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:iconangryspikeplz: :iconsaysplz: Now, that's something I wasn't missing from the library...

Twilight "Vlad Tepes" Sparkle. Why? Apparently Vlad Tepes had his bedroom over its castle's torturing chamber so he could hear their screams. Beside that, nothing else. It's.... disturbing.
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Those are some true, true friends you have there Twilight.
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Looks like Spike's new bed hasn't arrived yet.
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Ah, sweet little Twilight and her lovable friends.  Always up to harmless hijinks.  Spike, why are you having a hard time sleeping?  You probably ate some portions of most of them.... well I guess that actually might be why when I think about it.
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