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A. what did Pinkie do that could be far worse that that?
and B. what kind of game does Maud have planed???
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Ahhhhhh... dark humor
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Nice, no witnesses, beautiful
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Now I'm curious as to what Pinkie was doing that was far worse.
Godammit, this series is just too cute and funny. I ship Trixie and Maud like I've never shipped before now.
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Holes? Please Maud, that's SO last year, what you need is a stun spell, plastic bags and someone who owns a pig farm.
And ah remember when Pinkie just gave me that info about her parties. Hehe...
Pinkie: But I just told you that.
Me: Right. 8)
*chloroforms pinkie and proceeds to sew her up*
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Oh Maud, you adorable psychopath, you.
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no maud, no maud, bad maud!"
Pinkie Pie EyeFlutter : Who are the witnessess?

Emoticon - Maud Bedroom Eyes : The children.


When someone makes you dig your own grave.
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Lol, that was brutally mean but still funny.
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Oh.  THAT game.
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No idea what's "No Witnesses" but it sounds ominous.
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Maud is all about the Rocks NO WITNESSES.
Icon-Trixie !!!!!!!
Pinkie pie (the Fourth Wall) plz CAN I PLAY?!!!
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that last line got me like DAMN
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oh my favorite game 
I remember playing No Witnesses when I was little.

Good times.
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lmao "no witnesses"

oh that was awesome
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That second set could also be an Addams Family game!
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Having the victim dig their own hole...  That's the mark of a professional right there.
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