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Published: May 24, 2015
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whiterabbit75Hobbyist Artist
Don't preheat the oven, unless you're going to bake, Trixie.
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TineidHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my, that got intense in a hurry. =)
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Oh man, didn't see that last panel coming.
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terrymouseHobbyist Traditional Artist
I... but... wow.  Just wow.  Oh, my. 
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madkrayzyponyHobbyist Traditional Artist
The last panel killed me. Please bury me in the desert, thank you.
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White Magick: Arise !!
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shit, this is always the best MLP love stories that I found in the whole internet <3 ^-^thank you for it
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Wow, :icondarthvaderplz: The love is strong in this one... :icongeorgetakeiplz:
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say that in their actual voices - lol

sitcom ideas GO! 
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I know I've said this in the past but I can't help it... Their so cute together. :D
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Oh boy, this is gonna be good
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I mean, I like the cute art and facial expressions, and personalities you're playing with here...
But their relationship seems to be based purely in the physical realm.
Lust, not love.
Hm, but I'll keep reading.
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FouDubulbeProfessional General Artist
I don't think the relationship I depict is a healthy one because both of them can be really violent with each other (physically or psychological). But the fact they are often wanting to snuggle isn't a problem for me. I know people who are similar to them and they are happy like that. Each couple has its ways to say "I love you". Some are really kind to each other, some always say nice things to each other, and some just make love as often as they can.
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Th-that's a really good response to explain it. Thanks a bunch!
(To be honest, I don't know a lot of people, just TV, so...)
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Well, there is affection, the lust came later (giggity) Trixie is a total tsundere, who adores being adored. Maud is... a bit possessive. I'm not sure I would call their relationship healthy, but there is more than lust.
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Guess my memory's a bit fuzzy, thanks. c:
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You must at least remember the eiposde where Trixie hides Maud's boulder making her believe she ate(?) it.
God, it was creepy.
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There is a time and a place, and they are not a foal's birthday party.
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MustLoveFrogsProfessional General Artist
Nobody writes Maudie as well as you.  Love love love.
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boogiesnarHobbyist Traditional Artist
amen to that
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This is very adorable. Man I envy Trixie after the party.
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TheBronyArtist13Hobbyist Digital Artist
He said he wasn't going to draw porn, but this is quite suggestive...
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