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Dissidents [post-episode strip]

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"You are a special snowflake." That killed me
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This is an awesome commentary on tyranny and individualism.:XD:
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Why does this remind me of a particular issue in France?…
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Yeah I find it weird how the show is so fixated on being morally black and white, haven't they learned anything from their competing television series?
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So the torture cells weren't Starlight's idea and this is just traditional problem solving in this region of Equestria? :)
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Ayn Rand would be proud of this episode
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That's pretty much what they do to "cure" cultist in real life too. 
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Putting this on my baby daughter's bedroom wall...soon as I have one...and a wife...and a house...and a printer
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XD oh man! i could only imagine!
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Hahaha, you reversed everything, this comic deserves the prize for best comic based on the Opener! :D It's so hilarious, I can't stop laughing! :D

But, to add something serious, I honestly hope it wasn't your intention to say that living completely equal, like the ponies in the village did before Starlight Glimmer was defeated, is right as long as the ponies in question want it and are not forced to it. Because, living equal like that and giving up everything that makes you unique is never right, even if some ponies want that, because that's just because they don't know it better then.
Especially considered that these two ponies are probably still suffering from the brainwashing she did to them, so, using reversed brainwashing like that may seem cruel, but is the only method to bring them back to their normal selfs again.
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I see what you did there.... Nice.
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Conform damn you!
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Seeing how cutie marks appear to work (the marks automatically stick to their butts as soon as they're released), it doesn't look like they have a choice anyway...
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Down with the commies! :XD:
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Eh, for how central a cutie mark is to a pony it has more to do with their identity rather then being better or worse then anything.
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well choose your poison
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'Questria! Buck yea!
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That's not nice.
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