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Chance and Community
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Published: October 19, 2013
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SB1991Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm with Fluttershy. I play Monopoly for fun, and I sometimes play it by myself. By just only getting all the properties to win, which is a quicker way to finish the game than the traditional route. Also, this comic is pretty cute.
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I'm currently rewatching 7.02 All Bottled Up.
Fluttershy just said "I'm just glad to be with all of you" which immediately reminded me of this amazingly beautiful comic :heart:
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FouDubulbeStudent General Artist
Thank you Heart 
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No, thank YOU for everything you've done over the years!
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FouDubulbeStudent General Artist
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Brought a tear to my eye.
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Great, now I have diabetes.
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Only Flutters could pacify a dangerous game like Monopoly...
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the funny part is that they DON'T advertise this version of monopoly on any of their sites 
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CraftyMaelyssProfessional General Artist
This is simply precious :)
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Oh monopoly, never have I been yelled at by friends or been involved in table flipping more than when playing that cursed game
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Only Fluttershy could make a game that was built to destroy friendships and families into something enjoyable to play with her friends!
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Aww How cute, i just love the faces on the mane six in the last panel :)
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Awl... How sweet Fluttershy is... too bad I play to WIN!!!! PAY UP PINKIE!!
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WolverFoxStudent General Artist
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Now we just need to see them play mario party.
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Not even Monopoly can tear these friends apart.
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cliff999Hobbyist General Artist
i love everyponys faces n the last panle except for one thing...
Why u no happy Twilight?
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sonamy-666Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's friking beautiful man!
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Awww, that's so sweet :D
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TwinQuasarsHobbyist Traditional Artist
One can only wonder what would happen if they tried to play Risk...
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RD: My turn! Cloudsdale attacks Manehattan!

Fluttershy: But I'm controlling Manehattan.

RD: It's the point of this game Fluttershy! I need to take Manehattan to win!

Fluttershy: But why? Can't we reach some sort of diplomatic mutual agreement? Is it because your citizens are hungry? I can send food for them? Or maybe money? A loan? You won't need to pay me back if you can't.

RD: ... I can't invade her ... she's too nice ... Cloudsdale attacks Appleoosa.

Applejack: Hey!

RD: Don't look at me, I'm just playing the game!
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