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If you can feel it, run away from Maud before being addicted.

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Here are some coloured pencils doodles I had post on my Tumblr. I know some of you like to see the integrity of my works, but I think Tumblr is going to be more of a notebook for me while I'll try to put finished art on Deviantart.

My Tumblr followers have seen some of these drawings a week ago, but in a crappy quality (I hadn't any scanner and took them with my phone). Here is a scanned version of it, but one week later!

You can see some other doodles of Maud and Trixie on
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ASMR is a thing. Maud's voice can be very calming because of its monotone cadence, like the nightly shipping forecast on BBC Radio 4. Or because Ingrid Nilsson is that good in voicing her.
Emoticon - Maud Bedroom Eyes 
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To know Maud is to be addicted to her. There is no escape. 
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You are a genius FouDubulbe. Also I REALLY like your drawing style.
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Me when I read depressing free verse poems in the DailyDeviations.
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Wouldn't she then react like this to Maud talking in general, since she has no voice variations whatsoever?
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Does she have a orgasm, by Maud's poem !?
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You get ASMR from Maud too? Her voice reminds me of Dark Feather (Heather Feather). X3 
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Read to me like a french girl, Maud.
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well, Maud may not be the outgoing type as her Sister is, but she's got a VERY soft/soothing lilt to her voice; listen to it too long and you'll float away
Now that I think about it I feel something when I listen to her voice too o.0
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I had a similar reaction the first time I heard Maud's poetry. It was very relaxing, and every time, I get emotional.
Good comic.
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I'm a die-hard Twixie fan, but I accept this Mauxie.  The key to good chemistry between characters is that they are equally defective in different ways.  This is a fun series.
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In case some of you are wondering, it's implying that Maude has an ASMR voice, ASMR standing for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. Basically, it's a certain type of pleasurable tingling sensation in response to certain stimuli, most commonly a soft-spoken voice talking. It's kinda like deep meditation or those self-hypnosis CDs you can buy. It's really col stuff if you can get it to work.
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why does she act like she's on drugs?
Mauds voice sound really good to her.
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so Mauds voice is like drugs 
To Trixie it is addictive.
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but then why does she act so odd to Pinkie?
Maud and Pinkie are sisters yes but Maud has a very soothing voice, Pinkie is just too loud.
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i mean this… she seems she's on something 
that was Maud's pleasure inducing voice again. Maud said poetry. don't you remember the first parts of this series?
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D-did she. . . did Maud make Trixie orgasm with a book? 
No, just her voice.
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