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October 6, 2016
Revan vs Malak by FotoN-3
Featured by lovelessdevotions
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Revan vs Malak

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This is awesome!

Revan005's avatar
Awesome and epic!:D
yakan001's avatar
Man it be badass they make a Revan movie 
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ErikShoemaker's avatar
stunning piece, love how dynamic it is.
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JSRees's avatar
Protosabers eh? That's pretty cool!
FantasyWench's avatar
Breathtaking work!  Congrats!
Grace-Zed's avatar
Fantastic! really like the fight scene. Congrats on the DD~!!! :D
twg91's avatar
Revan and Malak in a space western... I can dig it.
kaisatoshiart's avatar
very cool.  Very nicely done. Great work!
Reborn-sama's avatar
this piece is truly amazing
the story which is told be the picture is great :3 
KyleRobertShultz's avatar
Wow, this is absolutely incredible - LOVE the old lightsabers.
Artistrator's avatar
One could definitely feel the energy and quick motion in this piece!
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totalfreak2002's avatar
That double bladed lightsaber so isn't going to work XD.
Crazybronto's avatar
Insane! That's talent right there! :D
LazarusDeCain's avatar
very cool idea, to give Revan and Malak the "old" lightsabers, besides the fact that they cleary already had the "new" ones :)
kristhephoenix's avatar
True, back in the old days they needed something to charge their swords with... too bad KotOR wasn't made so.
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