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In a few days (or more precisely October 1st) I start university. I'm going to study law at the University of Silesia. 
And it isn't just the empty words, but really they start, that I have first lectures!
At the university I spend a few hours because I have to be at 11.30 in the dean's office to pick up the index and the card (if it can't pick up earlier> _> nooo, must be clearly designated date and time ... goszzz), and from 15.10 to 18.20 I two lectures: Introduction to Jurisprudence and History of Polish political system in a comparative. 
It will be probably a hard day, but maybe I can make it last?
It will also be my first day where I go alone by car to university (so far I went with my dad).
On one hand, I can't wait, on the other hand terribly scared. I don't know what shall befall me there. I'm very afraid ...

I guess after reading this introduction you thought that I'm not happy that I'm going to the law. Error! I am very happy!
My happiness isn't in a position to express any words!
Going to be a lot of changes in my life. I'm looking forward to them, and when I think of them, it appears in my stomach so strange pleasant feeling - I like it :)
I realize that it can be hard because in the end, the law is a serious direction and it's a lot of work on it. I am not afraid of the work, only that I can relate failure. And I wouldn't want to ...
I don't want to disappoint myself and my family ...
I know it was my dream, and still is, but I'm afraid. And it's so genuinely ...

Keep your fingers crossed for me, and I'll try you in the near future to write as I went in the early days (if I do not die miserably ...).

* * *

I was an admin of the group here: PhotographingForLife
I invite you all to join it and add photos ! It will be a pleasure for me :)

* * * 

And now it's time for autumn feature ! :D
I hope you like it :)

autumn. by Katari01  .autumn. by witchlady750  Autumn Ethereal by alexandre-deschaumes  autumn painting by SvitakovaEva  Autumn Shadows by McKenzie-James Autumn Leaf by jjuuhhaa  Autumn is gone by LiiQa  autumn leaf by Orwald  Autumn by dev1n Autumn Leaves by artifexa  sunny autumn. by julkusiowa  Autumn is Arriving by Lady-Tori <da:thumb id="186124601"/> Autumn Melody by MarcoHeisler  Danbo in Autumn by BeciAnne  Autumn tea by Lenna3  dreaming of autumn by Heroinx-x Splashy autumn tea by Pamba  Autumn Rain II by John77  autumn jewels by Orwald  colours of autumn by julkusiowa tea. books. autumn. by katharinamarie   Autumn Tea by xOronar <da:thumb id="386037853"/>  A Cup Of Autumn. by MadSubstance Autumn II by LaylaRouge  Tea and Books by Like-A-Kitty  A Taste of Autumn by musicismylife10027  Autumn by nnIKOO   Hazy autumn by EliseEnchanted    October Rain by rscorp  It's autumn again by xOronar <da:thumb id="331224497"/> <da:thumb id="333348561"/>

And a little self-promotion :D

Find a sky by fotografka      In the forest by fotografka  Blue bokeh by fotografka <da:thumb id="354893820"/>

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Beautiful shots and I wish you the best with your chosen career..............not an easy path..........I wish you well all the same....Swing