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When... by Foto-Bellezza When... :iconfoto-bellezza:Foto-Bellezza 6 2 4:00 am by Foto-Bellezza 4:00 am :iconfoto-bellezza:Foto-Bellezza 1 1 3:54 am by Foto-Bellezza 3:54 am :iconfoto-bellezza:Foto-Bellezza 4 3 For, Lion by Foto-Bellezza For, Lion :iconfoto-bellezza:Foto-Bellezza 7 1 :light: by Foto-Bellezza :light: :iconfoto-bellezza:Foto-Bellezza 4 0
Carousels with whores for horses go round and round, numbing the mind. Lawn chairs painted red with spilt blood line the fields as pens ruin paper, scrawling away about the future. Outdone in our game we lay defeated, intelligence doubted and wrongness proven. We are the freaks in the sideshows, kept in cages and forced to dance with hot pokers under our feet.
Forgetting the troubles, casting away the trouble causers. Spinning under the gray sky with arms stretched and teeth bared. Screaming with such ferocity thats throats bloody and arteries tear. Shaking the heavens above and below, forcing them from were They sit. Longing for the sad clouds to come crashing down, burying the sickened beneath the roots of tired trees. Let them listen to the patter of children, let them listen to them dance.
Glass walls seperate the world from creatures strange. Quite eyes stare as tounges lick the barrier, human palms pressed to close the space. No connection is felt to these animals as they wond
:iconfoto-bellezza:Foto-Bellezza 3 3
Silence carressing the bare bones of imagination, stripped clean by the greedy savenger, the politican. Minds of the children poisioned by the sick afterbirth of a careless system. Their creators trawling both forward and no where, steadily planting and killing young trees of artifical ambitions, hopes, dreams.
The suffocating hand of the protector hushes the offspring of its flock. Vocal cords cut without need for surgery, quieted before they may sing, and dance, and learn, and play. Brains removed, mechanical parts taking place as the protector teaches all the little children the Evil of The Nature. The deathliness of insects, the wickedness of the sun, the horrors of the forest and the beasts they house
The fake Orchestra, the pretenders, leachers of the protector, marionettes and societys liars, how they stare so curious. Limbs dance without will on spiders threads, mouths gap and eyes roll, such a play for the robotic minds of the flock. Look how they run without moving, look h
:iconfoto-bellezza:Foto-Bellezza 4 6
doll face by Foto-Bellezza doll face :iconfoto-bellezza:Foto-Bellezza 2 12 deviantID by Foto-Bellezza deviantID :iconfoto-bellezza:Foto-Bellezza 26 22
Abysmal flight and premeditated plans,
Meaningless affections one does so embrace,
Ill minded puppeteer;
Stripping pegs from body, and bridge from soul,
I tip my hat to you; ye fellow friend;
For you have found,
Thee end.
Recognition, slaughtered tongue who does utter these lies;
Peroxide, burning pallid suggestion; desire
Morphine, distinguished
Amitriptyline, benzodiazepine, and dextromethorphan; Perplex, distorted
Noise mute to audible range;
Deprivation extolled;
Stroll aimlessly; undeniable;
:iconfoto-bellezza:Foto-Bellezza 1 21
Belief is a doorway locked from the inside
To whose handle will never turn;
Anger is a palace in which this door slumbers
While people are windows; broken
Sewn into desolate plains by jealousy
Crimes of passion is the thread, lust is the needle
Love is a thorn on the stem of fates' roses
Pricking ones finger; crimson drip
Chapped lips hold forbidden words;
War carpets the way to the throne of religion
Cobbled floor beneath is made of corpses,
Blood is the mortor, pain is the foundation
Osyter children, strung up for show
Tiny shining moons, accenting powdered breast
Smiles like the stars, glinting in the candle light
They're coats in shades of silk and cream
Glittering like demon gemstones in the treasure pile
So tempting against the antique poker cards
:iconfoto-bellezza:Foto-Bellezza 3 8
Porcelain skin swathed in the black of pain,
her glass eyes staring in the gloom
thriving on the swallowed souls of the unfortunate
she waits, forever patient for you
A porcelain doll with a little book;
filled with scribbled entries
leftovers of a shattered life, patched together with
bits of hope and ribbons of unanswered prayers
The executioner sits, a venomous snake
cleaver grasped tight in his fist
bound to her by promises of immortality;
he too, was to ignorant to see his fate
Step in as goosebumps caress the body
warning bells of horror,
her shining eyes and cool flesh
to tempting to resist,
Greed brings only death
love breads loneliness and regret
rain heals; concealing tears
she waits, forever patient for you
Whisper to the executioner
taunting you from within,
externally consuming your thoughts,
wrong exterminates life
One scarlet suede shoe,
asphyxiated memories,
death puckered and ample;
Farewell lover
Dried bouquet’s of pallid daisies thinly coat the
:iconfoto-bellezza:Foto-Bellezza 5 7
String of pearls around necks,
Elegant dresses on backs,
At the edge of our seats,
While holding a stringed instrument;
Black notes on white paper, scribbled into a symphony,
Elegant dresses on backs,
Conductor swaying,
While holding a stringed instrument;
Elegant dresses on backs,
Dark suede shoes,
While holding a stringed instrument;
Hostility consumed;
Dark suede shoes,
At the edge of our seats,
Hostility consumed,
String of pearls around necks.
:iconfoto-bellezza:Foto-Bellezza 0 5
Old English melody's drift through abandoned hallways. Bringing back a touch of bright color to torn wallpaper, bleached white from the sun shining through dusty lace curtains that hang crookedly over shattered windows. Death hangs lank and cold in the stale air. In a spacious tea room a golden cage stands out strongly against the gloom. It's occupant perches carefully as he sings. Blue feathers faded and starved, yet still strangely beautiful. His voice rises and falls, a perfect imitation of the lovely sounds that once came from the record player now coated in a thick dust. Once a handsome parrot bird, now an uncared for wreck. A pair of lovers sit motionless on a tiny couch beside him. They're bare skulls still smile, though now morbidly, as they eternally listen to the song; forever entwined in everlasting death. Bits of flesh still cling to the cream of bone, clothing dangling from bare shoulders. Her golden locket and his blue poet collar, one can still picture the beautiful c
:iconfoto-bellezza:Foto-Bellezza 1 9
Hugging necks with painted ribbons and bows, round and around; faces are blurred, glancing into mirrors that seem to move past you as you gallop by; fractured and split. Gold flowers line mirrors such as these in this park of false philosophy. Jumping silver brushed metal and benches, voices disrupt you and music slows, clunking along with an irritating rhythm - carousel horse.
If only one could hold a flower such as sweet, flower’s eye speckled with pollen; pair of eyes do so greet. Rich inked center and coral petals, smile with a lustful grin;
:iconfoto-bellezza:Foto-Bellezza 3 4
Unattractive whispers commence,
Open flames withdraw,
Revive, breathe life into, pull me under and drown me in this conversation with the heavens;
Alone with these murmuring thoughts
Resonate, a string orchestra hung from stars,
Electricity burns through parched veins,
Appealing questions this show flaunts,
Light displays that dance across the sky,
Interrupted as day breaks,
Swindle the rest of my daydreams
So long,
This music has
Been playing, buzzing while
We dance, hand in hand, please confess;
Love you
Who am I?
Who am I? They often criticize; say I’m too quiet or too bold, too shallow, too cold.
Say I’m too young, bellow and scratch, ripping their nails down my spine.
Who am I? Am I some rag doll, to be pulled and dragged, or am I a woman whom has her
Own opinions and her own mind.
Who am I? They say I’m too straight forward, too outgoing, too tall too short, too different.
:iconfoto-bellezza:Foto-Bellezza 0 0

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